Much has been written about digital marketing and its ever-expanding, ever-reaching use to people using technology. If you have access to internet, you can be targeted for marketing by any application or website you visit, push notifications, or even by sms. More and more people are using cellphones and providing data to applications and websites; the multitudes of data make for a goldmine to advertisers. If you have a cellphone, you can be tracked for the locations you like to visit, the food you like to order, the clothes you like to wear, and anything regarding your interests, hobbies, and habits. Privacy right activists have been fighting for those details to remain safe and private. Still, we give out data without knowing and agreeing to terms without reading it. We have given access to most of our details without being careful or giving it a second thought. That data has provided the advertisers to target people on a very minute and personal level, making it more effective and efficient on many levels.

1. Social Media-

Most of our personal details are available on the social media platforms we have signed up for. Advertisers are able to select the target market on a range of criteria and able to market the product, cutting costs and making the campaign more effective. According to studies, we have shifted to social media in order to satisfy our social needs. Though, it is only fulfilling the need virtually, people are still connecting and being active on platforms. You will find companies and brands putting paid advertisements on such platforms. Giant companies use these platforms to give hype to a product they are about to launch; the whirl it gives the campaign through people sharing and talking about it gives it an exponential hype much more than what the company paid for. Most of the people on such platforms are youngsters and millennial, that makes it a vibrant community to interact and promote a product. Any company can find their target in the billion people active on social media. From Iphones to upcoming movies to rights campaigns, social media is being used to market a range of topics.

Social Media

2. Email Marketing-

Everybody that is using a smartphone has logged in for services using an email id and on social platforms. We put in email addresses to a number of websites, sometimes forgetting what the company was all about when an email was received. Email is still the most widely used method to market a product and service. It will remain so for a long time to come. A recent report showed that videos or motion graphics were considered the most effective type of most of digital marketing professionals. Email marketing is taught early in digital marketing classes, despite being the oldest method to market a product digitally and through internet, it is a vital tool to connect with potential customers and your customer base.

3. Mobile Applications-

If you own a cellphone, chances are you might have installed a few apps for your daily use even if you do not like to stuff your phone so much with data. Each application you install asks for your permission to access some of the data; if you do not give the required permissions, you won’t be able to use the application. The data you give out and the way you use the application is recorded and advertisers pay to find out your behavior and target for marketing. Also, the apps are paid to show advertisements as a banner. There are some in-built applications which automatically push notifications for you to view. Mobile users allow for a different platform altogether for marketers and advertisers to jostle over. For example, Grofers and Foodpanda push for offers that are available every day to the app users.

4. Search Engine –

Be it search engine optimization or search engine marketing, be it paid or unpaid; the horse-race to make your website rank higher on web searches is an old one and a continuous one at that. People use blogs, content marketing, paid media, among many other techniques to rank a brand’s website go higher in the searches when the potential consumer types in keywords. Brands send out emails every day and most of them are found in the spam folder of the users because of it being annoying. Every idea that you push across, there is a high chance that a person might see it as a shoving-down-the-throat and that makes the user feel threatened and makes him/her avoid the brand and ignore its strategies. What is very common is that the users type in keywords on search engines to look for a service or product. If you rank high enough, you will get visitors to your websites and conversions in return. Though, it is difficult as the only way to keep on ranking higher is to remain active in this scenario as more and more companies are entering the market and they all want one thing, that is, a quick growth.

search engine

5. Affiliate marketing and Referrals-

For small companies, this is heavily used to root deep into the market and gain some growth. Digital marketing allows companies to give an affiliate some unique code which they can provide to potential consumers when they are referring a product or service that can be used heavily to market a product. Various Facebook campaigns were based on companies paying people to share a hundred posts of their brand; marketers try out every way to gain hold of new customers. TopAssignmentExperts sent out codes to people through email and asked them to be an affiliate and earn money quickly whenever they send someone on their website. In this day and age, many companies have affiliate programs which people can use to earn a decent sum of money.