There are so many plugins, and most do the same thing as another – so which do you choose?!

As of this writing, there are 55,510 plugins available for downloading and setting up in the WordPress directory. That is a lot of WordPress plugins for you to pick through and try to figure out which are the best for you to use for your blog.

In fact, it’s essential to know why you need some exact plugin but not another one, what issues it solves and in which ways. Do not add any WordPress plugin to your site unless you really need it as one lousy one can screw up your site.

Also, sometimes people will add 2 – 3 WordPress plugins to their site when there is one good one out there that will do it all.

Below is a small list of the plugins I install during my WordPress setup on my sites. These are the favorites that I like and if something is missing, you can add your favorite ones in the comments below.

I will recommend “the core” plugins for you to install as they make it simpler to manage your first website. They are so necessary for correct website work as quality content for readers. Besides if you have any difficulties with writing, then make an order on any custom paper from Essaylab.

First, let’s look at what comes with your WordPress installation which is 1) Akismet (1 of your spam plugins) and 2) Hello Dolly (the man behind WordPress added this since he’s a fan).

Scroll down until you see PLUGINS and click on INSTALLED PLUGINS, once you do this you will see the two plugins I mentioned above.

Go ahead and DELETE Hello Dolly. We DO NOT want plugins installed that you will not be using so we can add to your site’s security.

  • Next, activate AKISMET and follow the instructions to obtain your API key to enable it on your site.
  • Go here to sign up for Akismet API key
  • Fill out the form and select the FREE option with the slide bar
  • Go back to your plugin page and enter your API key to activate it for your site (key will arrive via email) Akismet plugin

Alright, now let’s load some more plugins!


Here are my top favorites that I feel every blog should have:

Genesis Simple Hooks (by Nathan Rice):

This plugin will give you the flexibility to make global changes to your site and posts, so you don’t have to add each time manually. Note: Make sure you load this one as there is a Genesis Hooks that is an impostor and does not work.

WordPress SEO (By Joost de Valk):

Now it is commonly known as YOAST SEO. While Genesis comes with its built-in tools for search engine optimization, I always install this one to use.

Google Integration Toolkit:

You will use this to help integrate the code from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.

Gravity Forms:

This is the super useful plugin to add forms to your site. It is paid, but it worth the fee.

Contact Form 7:

While I recommend that you always use Gravity Forms. It is a free contact form you can use. If you choose our Getting Started With Blogging – MBU Special, then you get Gravity Forms for free.

contact form 7

All in one Favicon:

See that little pic in the upper left-hand corner near your URL path? That’s a favicon! All in one Favicon management. Easily add a Favicon to your site and the WordPress admin pages. Complete with upload functionality. Supports all three Favicon types (ico, png, gif)

Yet Another Related Post Plugin:

This one is a fun way to show your readers other articles that they may be interested in reading. Why do we care? More page view!

WordPress Editorial Calendar:

The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog. Why do you need this? To help keep you organized with your blog content.


It adds email, bookmark, share buttons to all the social networking sites. So your readers can easily share with their friends and followers.

shareholic img