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If You Are Reading This Article I Am Very Sure You Have Some Problem With Your Printer Or May Be Your Printer Is Not Turning On.

Fix Printer Which Is Not Turning On –

My First Advice To You –

Don’t Just Try Every Thing You Read On the Internet. You May End Up Facing More Problem Or You May Cause More Damage To The Printer.¬†

Let’s Try With Some Basic Steps First to Fix Your Printer.

  • Check The Power Supply Or Power Outlet
  • Make Sure Printer Is Connected With Power And Power Cable Is Not Broken.
  • If You Have An External Power Supply For Printer Please Make Sure Your Cable is Plugged Properly.

As Most Of Printer Users Who Had This Issue Accepted that this Problem Is Related to the Power Supply Most Of The time.

However, I Did My Own Research And I Did Find Out That There Are Fair Chance You Can Fix This Issue In Few Steps –

Many Printer Model Comes With External Power Supply And Yes You Can Have In That Too

Let’s Try Some More Steps And See If These Steps Care to Fix Your Issue with Printer

  • Turn Off Your Printer And Unplug The Power Cable From Printer And Power Outlet.
  • Perform Some Cleaning For Printer, Remove Dust Or Anything ¬†Which is Unusual.
  • Check Your External Power Supply, Unplug The Cable From External Power Source.

  • Try Changing The Power Outlet And Plug The Cables Back To Printer.
  • Press The Power Key And Hold For 20 -30 sec.
  • As Soon As You See Your Printer Tuning Back On Release The Power Key And Let Your Printer Be Rebooted.

Still, Your Printer is Not Turning On?

Take It To Store Or Repair Man Who Knows How to Fix The Printer Hardware Problems.

I Am Very Sure This Post May Fix This Issue In Case If You Need Any Other Help And Support Please Comment Below And Let Me Know.

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