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I Have Worked With Many Tech Support Providers And Once In While There Is Always Some Customers Facing Problems With Ransomware And There Computer  Has Been Hit By Ransomware  Or Virus.

In The Surprising Fact Is That Most Of Them Had An Antivirus Protection. Today I Am Going To Talk About Few Things That Might Offend Many Antivirus Companies.

Antivirus Users May Feel Cheated After All The Money They Have Spent To Get An Antivirus Protection. Dear Friends Let Me Till You Some Quick Points That I am Going Explain In This Post –

  • What Is Ransomware? Type Of Ransomware
  • Understanding Computer Protection And Antivirus Programs.
  • How To Prevent Ransomware Virus Attack  In Computer?
  • Hit By Ransom Virus? Don’t Worry I Will Help You to Remove It.

Before We Continue Please Mark My Word –

Don’t Pay Extortion Money, Don’t  Encourage Scammers

Let’s Get To Understand What Is Ransomware Virus?

What Is Ransomware? Type Of Ransomware –

Answers –  Ransomware Is The Type Of Malicious And Dangerous  Application That Can Block And Encrypt Your Computer. It Can Encrypt You Computer Date And Leave You With No Option But To Pay Money To Some Scammer.  This Type Of Malware Can Effect Windows And Computer Both.

ransomeware def

Here are Few Types Of Ransomware Like

  • Encrypting ransomware.
  • Non-encrypting ransomware.
  • Leakware (also called Doxware)
  • Mobile ransomware.
  • Reveton.
  • CryptoLocker.
  • CryptoLocker.F and TorrentLocker.
  • CryptoWall And Much more

Source – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ransomware

Note – Never Pay Ransom To Some Scammer to Decryption of The Computer.

These Malicious applications Can Steal Sensitive Information Like Login Information For Facebook, Email, Bank Account Etc.

After They Lock Your Computer They Ask You To Buy Bitcoin Which Is A Digital Currency And It’s Very Hard To Track This Money.

Mostly They Setup Offshore Accounts To Withdraw That Money And Trust Me Lot Of People Do Fall For These Kind Of Crimes Because They Want There data And Information Safe And Back.

Mostly This Ransomware Encrypt Your Computer And Leave A Note On Your Computer Asking You To Send Money Around $300-700 For Decryption Key.  It May Also Change You Wallpaper To There Warning Note.

Ransomware Is Illegal And operating This Kind Of Application Is A Cyber Crime.

ransomware attack

Today In This Post We Will Cover Why Your Antivirus Failed To Protect Your Computer From Ransomware.

Let Me Make You Understand –

Understanding Computer Protection And Antivirus Programs –

Folks Every Antivirus Program And Antivirus Security haves Limited Database And Protection Against Virus, Ransomware, Down.Bugs, Trojans, Malware And Rootkits Etc.

Well, These Lines Were Too Technical …..Let Me Simply Explain This to You With Example –

Ransomware Attacks Are Mostly Attack The Computer With New encryption Type That Locks The ComDown. So You Can’t Expect Any Antivirus Program to Protect Yourself With The Malware Which Was Just Created.

Good Antivirus Protection May Protect You Any From Any Known Ransomware Virus.

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How To Prevent Ransomware Virus Attack  In computer?

Before I tell You How to Protect Yourself Read This –

While I Was Talking To A Victim Of Ransomware Last Night And He Explained Why He Downloaded That Email Containing Ransomware Virus.

Because He Got An Email From Branded Courier Company  Saying That He Is Got A Shipment Pending. He Thought Courier Company is Shipping To Him And He Was eager Enough To Find Out What?

This The Most Common Question Asked  About Ransomware And Let Me Explain This To You.

Secure your system

No Antivirus Can Protect You Against A  Latest Ransom Attack But There Are Few Things You Can Try To Prevent This From Happening –

  • Don’t Download Any Program From Unsecured Websites And There Web links.
  • Before You Download And Open Any Email Attachments Please Make Sure The Sender Of That Email Is Trustworthy.
  • These Cyber criminals Have Been Using Brand Names Like FedEx, Microsoft, Apple Or Any Other Brand Name  Beware Of This Those Emails Can Be Fake.
  • Don’t Open Any Spam Email And Remove Them Asap.
  • Remove Unwanted Toolbars From Your Browser.
  • Let Maximum Number Of People Be Aware Of This Problems.
  • Avoid Using Public Networks to download any thing to the computer .
  • Always Keep You Date Back Up to An External Hard driver Or Use Any Trust Worthy Online Back up Service.

Now You Must Be Thinking What To Do When I am Already Into The Trap Of Ransom ware.

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Remove Ransomware From Computer –

If You Already Infected With Ransomware Here Is What You Need To Do –

Personal Experience –

Best Way To Deal With This Situation Is To Try These Steps –

  • Restore Your Computer to Back date And Remove All Recent Download.
  • Scan Your Computer Using Your Antivirus Or You Can Try Using Hitman Pro To Do A Free Scan
  • Contact Your Antivirus Company See If They Can Help You.
  • Reset Your Computer to Factory Settings And Retrieve Your Data From Backup.

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