To sell widely, businesses must be willing to incorporate foolproof marketing strategies. Promo codes can make the difference for any struggling or steady business. Customers have come to expect promo codes in e-commerce, showing how popular these things are and while it’s obvious that promo codes make things better for consumers, it is businesses that seem to be getting the most out of promotions.

Here are reasons every business needs promo codes:

1. Promo codes entice consumers to come back to you

Studies show that 93% of shoppers utilize a promo code throughout a year, confirming that customers are always seeking a good deal. Customers who had taken their businesses elsewhere or abandoned the shopping cart will start appreciating the value for money you offer through promo codes. Make sure to better your site’s overall experience to stand out from competition who will be offering their own promo codes.

2. Retention tactic

According to Vouchercloud, 95% of coupon redeemers will buy again from the merchant offering coupons.

3. Widening the net

Shareable promo codes turn return customers into brand advocates, thanks to social media. Consumers love to share what they bought, especially if it was a good deal and this is what promotes you to a wider target audience. You will definitely increase your online following with strategic promotions.
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4. Collecting customer information

You can collect and analyze information about consumer preferences by looking at how customers respond to promotional offers. This will help you plan future marketing campaigns.

5. Promo codes create the image of exclusivity

Offering promotions for return customers illustrates your high-level appreciation and regard to your customers. When you tie this sense of exclusivity to your brand image, you enhance special connections with your customer base.

6. Accelerate purchasing

Time-bound promotional codes give consumers urgency to buy the product on offer. Create promo codes with approaching expiry dates to make your targets buy products faster.

7. Block competitor messaging

If two people are selling the same thing, the one who offers a better deal will sell more. No amount of funny ads, pretty packaging, or any other desirable trait will beat a discount offer.

8. Increase consumption rates

A coupon that promises to reduce the cost of owning a product increases the will of consumers to purchase in lump sum. This is why marketers sell more in shorter periods, using promotions.
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9. A strategy to free up room

By discounting on items that have sat in your store for months, you increase chances of selling and eventually make room for new products. Promo codes will help you move old products by catching customer attention.

10. Boost your image

By offering discounts to certain groups such as military guys and the elderly, you improve business reputation as it shows you care. You can use target promo codes to create a positive business image that gives you the upper hand when selling.


There are many benefits for using promo codes for online businesses. Nevertheless, like any other strategy out there, it may fail if not planned well. Ensure to cleverly use promo codes to boost your business.