Every few years we splash the walls of our home with a fresh coat of paint. We also try to upgrade the furniture and modernize the décor from time to time. These small upgrades allow us to keep our homes well-maintained, beautiful and on-trend.

Just like our homes need a makeover every now and then, our business website also requires a facelift to keep up with the latest design trends and technology updates.

Did you know the poor and outdated design of your website might me hindering your business and leaving a negative impression on your potential customers?  Yes, your business website is a crucial element that your customers base their very first impression on. If the site features a very old design or perhaps lacks in user experience or responsiveness, it may be turning your potential customers off.

We’ve come up with a checklist of five critical reasons that will help you determine the right time to redesign your website:

1. The website gives a visually outdated look

Just as you need to update your wardrobe as per the changing fashion trends, your website also needs a facelift in accordance to the latest technological changes. Imagine your customers seeing the same old design from many years, how boring it would be for them.

Redesigning can be done for different reasons, but an old-looking site is one of the prime reasons on every business owner’s list. People who are not even familiar with web-designing can easily recognize an old site. This will undoubtedly impact your business.

Give an objective look to your site now and don’t let old designs hamper your business.

old website

2. For improving website usability for your users

Website usability addresses how user-friendly your site is. If you have not updated your website for long, you might be losing your customers because of poor functionality of some features. You need to improve your site structure for a better user journey. Users may be accessing your website from the desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. The site should also be responsive to these devices for better user experience.

3. Not changed website with new business modal

You have changed your business modal or have launched new products and services, but the changes are not reflected on your website. Your site should reflect only your current strategy and services. Your clients want to see your current state of business. Outdated information will confuse your customers. They might end up leaving your site. If the site is not updates with the latest information, its high time for an update.

4. Long Load Times

If your website is taking more time to load pages, your site calls for redesigning. Greeting user with a white page and loading icon is very frustrating. Long page loading times will always leave a negative impact on your user, and they will end up switching to some other site. Optimize your pages to minimize or eliminate loading time.

site cant be reach

5. Website not visible on search engines

Test your website on search engines to look for your launched products or your company name. Is your site seen on the first page of the search engine? If it is not visible your site needs search engine optimization. Generally, the customers only concentrate on the first-page of search results. They seldom click on to the next pages. This is a critical reason for redesigning the website as you need to realign your website as per your marketing goals.

The reasons mentioned above will allow you to evaluate whether your website is calling for a redesigning or not. Always have a close look on your competitor’s website, and see what new features they are implementing on their sites. You can also consult the experts at Orlando, FL web design services and get their opinion on redesign requirements.