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The 5 reasons to use a POS system

The POS system plays an important role in every store. Whether it’s a webshop, a physical store, or both. It is therefore important that your POS system fits in well with the store. A point-of-sale system is a computer-controlled checkout system and is therefore also able to do more than just deal with transactions. It offers many outcomes compared to a standard POS system. Even if you only have a webshop or only a physical store. It complements every company. In this blog we give five reasons for choosing a POS system.

1. Extensive inventory management possible

A POS system offers the possibility to keep track of the entire inventory management. From purchasing to sales. The POS system software keeps track of all sales for you. Every transaction is immediately processed. The stock is therefore always up-to-date. This allows the return procedure to be optimized. When a customer returns an item, it is automatically added to the inventory. It is also possible to optimize purchasing and sales management. In a standard POS system you sometimes run into a limitation in article numbers. You then have to report multiple identical items separately. The POS system has no limitations in article numbers. The numbers can be adjusted for each individual item.

2. Data-driven checkout software

Another advantage of POS system software is that it is data-driven. The system keeps track of all sales and the sales are equally transparent. This makes the trends easy to see. With the press of a button you can see the popular articles and how often a certain article has been sold. The administration is a lot easier because the program is data-driven. It is able to make various accounting reports. For example, you can quickly see what the daily turnover is. It is also possible to view sales per employee and keep track of the time registration.

3. Customer data is efficiently tracked

The POS system software offers the possibility to keep track of customer data. The system has an integrated system for customer relationship management (CRM). Every transaction is processed directly in the system. The personal data and sales history of the customer are quickly transparent and always up-to-date. Customer agreements are noted in the system. Making your customers a personal offer based on the sales history is a lot easier.

customer data tracking

4. All stored centrally in the cloud

All information from the POS system is centrally stored in the cloud. The data from different POS systems or locations all come together at one central point. This has the advantage that the sales data are always and everywhere accessible. Information is always up-to-date so you can start working with the administration right away.

5. Integration of different software

The POS system is computer controlled and offers the possibility to integrate various software. This way it can be linked to the web shop software. Transactions are processed directly in the system of the web store. It is also possible to optimize the return process. As soon as a customer has started the return procedure, the article is already available in the system for another customer!

Have you become interested in POS system software? Then compare the different types of POS software and see which POS system suits your store best.

POS System SoftwareUsually a POS system is not a computer in itself but software. Wisesmall business can install this software for you on your computer and connect it to all desired systems. A pos system generally offers more functionalities than a regular cash register, for example functions that are useful for a certain branch. For example, there are appointment modules and there is a scale link. But also the management of several branches via a central point and the ability to compile reports is possible. For example, you can see which seller is selling something. But you can also link stock administration, customer data and your financial administration to the pos system. If you want to know which pos system would be interesting for your company, you can always contact us without obligation. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities for your specific branch and for your specific store or other business. To get more information, visit as they can tailor a pos system for you by selecting and installing the right couplings for you.

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