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Dear Friends, Today This Post Is All About Scam Alert And How to Fight And Remove Fake Pop Ups And Fake Virus Warnings.

Folks Its Very Important You Understand This Problem So In Future, You Can Protect Yourself And Your Family Members From This Kind Of Scam.

Google Has Ban Third Party Tech Support Advertising Back In 2014 And Microsoft [Bing] Did the Same.

 Since Then Fake Tech Support Pop-Ups, Servery. Warnings And Fake Messages From So-Called Windows have Risen above 1500% AccordServery.

These Pop Up Can Effect Or Block Your windows And Microsoft Devices Like Laptop, Desktop, iPhone, Android Phones Smart TV Almost Everything That You Can Use To Browser The Internet.

Before We Continue Let Me Tell You How You Got Into This Problem And Make You More Aware With The Problem- 

What Is A Fake Virus Pop Up Or Warning Messages?

Dear Friends Some Tech Support Scammer Use Advertiser accounts Associated With Digital Publishers.

They Buy Web Traffic With Them And Redirect That Traffic To Their Fake Pop Up Websites And That Help Them To Freeze Or Lock Your Computer Or Phone Screen.

Beware Before You Go to Any Website

This Kind Of Fake Virus Warning Or Pop UP Can Block The Screen And Start Giving You Pop-ups Back to Back. Sometimes Some Fake Audio Message too.

Here Are Some examples And Types Of Fake Pop-Ups –

Fake Virus Pop Up Or Warning Messages

Fake Virus Pop Up Or Warning Messages

The Motive Of This Fake Pop UP Or Virus Warnings is To Make You Call There So Called Tech support Department And Often They Call Them self Representative Of Microsoft, Windows. Apple, Windows.They Can Give You Any Brand Name Associated With Your Computer Or Internet Service Provider .

After A Fake Diagnostics Or System Scan They Claim That Your System Has Been Infected And They Will Offer You A Virus Removal Subscription With Antivirus Virus Protection . That May Cost You Between $250-$500 .

Google And Bing Has Already Suspended More Than 150000+ Advertising Accounts Just To Stop These Fake Pop ups . Google Came Up With Extra Step – They No Longer Support Java And Flash Plugin To Their Browser Google Chrome  .

Internet Explorer , Microsoft Edge Has Been Most Effected By These Pop ups . Even Mobile Browsers Has Been Effected By All These Pop Ups And Fake Warnings

Mozilla Firefox Is Also Fighting With These Pop Up Using There Latest Updates But Again Google Is The Best In Terms Of Fighting With Scammers.

Friends Somehow I Am A Big Fan Of Google Terms And Police’s They Just Won’t Let Anyone Hurt Their User Experience .

Good Job Google 

Google Is Suspending And Red Flagging All This Kind Of Websites  In Order to Protect There Users .

In My Next Article I Will Explain The Full Concept Of Fake Tech Support And How That Works .

Without Wasting Your Time Lets Get Straight To Fix This Fake Virus Pop Up Or Warning Alert –

How to Remove Fake Pop Ups And Virus Warnings-

Friends Removing These Fake Pop Ups Can Be Very Easy With Right Guidance .

Please Follow These steps to Fix This Issue –

  • First Scroll Down Your Mouse Cursor To The Very Bottom Of Your Computer Screen And Right Click .
  • Now You Will See Small Box Please Click at Task Manager 

Small Box with start task manager

Here You Can See Your Running Application

Select Your Browser On Which You Got The Pop

Task manager

  • Right Click On Your Browser And Click End Tak 
  • You Can Also Just Select The Browser And At The Bottom Right Hand Side You Can See End Task
  • Your Pop Up screen Is Gone Now . Please Reset Your Browser And Perform A Virus Check Using A Antivirus Program .
  • Remove Junk Programs And Extension From Your Browser
  • For Cleaning Of Your Computer Please Read How To Remove Junks From Computer And Get Faster Computer

If You Fail To Open Task Manger This Way Don’t Worry I Got Many Ways To Open it –

How To Open Task Manager Using Keyboard –

Friends Look At Your Computer Keyboard Carefully You Can See CTRL, shift And Esc Keys .

Press All Three Keys Together And Hold Them

Short key To Open Task Manager

Now You Will See A Small Box Of Task Manager Will Be Open You Can Go And Select Your Browser And Hit End Task .

Don’t Forget To Reset The Browser and  Restart Your Computer .

See If This Helps You To Fix Your Problem  And Remove The Fake Pop Ups And Virus Warnings .

How To Remove Fake Virus Pop UP From Safari –

Dear Friends it is also Very Simple to Remove Fake Pop Ups From Mac Computer Or Safari Browser .

  • First We Need to Force Quit The Safari In Order to Get Out Of That Lock down Of The Safari Screen

Please Press The command + option + esc keys together at the same time On Your Keyboard And Wait.

  •   When Force Quit window appears, select  Safari .
  •   Please Press Force Quit button at the bottom of the window And Wait.
  •   Safari Will Be Closed And that Fake Pop -up Will Be Gone
  •   Relaunch Safari holding the shift key down.

Tips And Hack –

If You Fail To Do The Steps Mention Above Please Use this Trick

  • You can Also use the keyboard shortcut Command + Q to quit Safari.
  • Or You Can Go to The Safari Preference From The Left Hand Top Safari Option And Force Quit The Safari.

See If All This Information Helps You to Fix Your Computer And Help You to Get Rid of Fake Pop ups and Virus Warnings .

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I Thank You For Taking Time To Read All These Information And Tips .

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