Regardless of whether you are careful when using your iPhone and iPad or not, chances are that you have dropped it not once, not twice but many times. Normally, when you drop your iPhone, it might not get serious damages, however, the screen might crack or even break.

Some cracks are just minor and cannot prevent you from using your devices, but some could be extreme and may cause you not be able to use the device. This is where the help of an iPhone repair service is needed. While you can get a lot of cheap iPhone repair services, it is important to beware since you may end up voiding the warranty of the devices and lose all the support from the iPhone manufacturers.

There are plenty of options when it comes to repairing your broken iPhone screens but here we have listed the most popular and safest options to do that.

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1. Warranty

Is your phone under warranty? If yes, this can be your first option when it comes to broken iPhone screen repair. Note that an iPhone comes with a standard warranty that does not account for accidental cracks and breaks of your device and this means that you may be required to pay if you accidentally dropped your device.

Also, the iPhone warranty states that if the phone is opened by anyone else and not an authorized Apple expert, you void the warranty. Many a time the available phone repair stores are cheap and not Apple authorized, so you need to be careful not to void the entire iPhone warranty.

Therefore, if you need to get your device repaired, check the warranty to see if your iPhone is still covered or the warranty has expired. If it is still under warranty, you can then seek repair help from Apple which is the manufacturer of the iPhone.


2. The iPhone insurance

Another option to repair your broken iPhone screen is your device’s insurance. If your iPhone has an insurance cover that you bought through Apple or other companies, you should alias with the insurance company to know their terms when it comes to broken screen repairs.

Note that most iPhone insurance offers accidental damage support. In this case, you may be required to pay some repair fees but it would be cheaper than when you decide to DIY.

3. If your iPhone doesn’t have a warranty and insurance coverage?

If your warranty expired or if you don’t have the iPhone insurance, there are many other options. At this point, you may want to choose an affordable repair shop so that you can save money. Note that you will lose nothing when you use these shops; however, you may want to use a repair shop that is experienced with iPhone repairs and one that is trusted. Although the warranty is no longer and that it can’t be voided by these experts, choosing a repair shop that isn’t qualified when it comes to iPhone repairs could cause additional problems and these problems could make you buy a new one. This is also the trickiest option especially if your iPhone is still under warranty so, you need to do it carefully.

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Take home message

When it comes to things to do with warranties, you should be careful to understand the terms and conditions and the situations where this can apply. The three options we have listed above a just a few. There are many other options, but these are the main and safest options we can recommend.