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How To Reset Belkin Wireless Router To Default Settings ?

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Today In This Post I Will Guide You How to Reset Belkin Wireless Router to Factory Settings –

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In Case You Want to DO a Reset On wireless router Anyway Please Keep Reading –

Now Let’s Get Straight To the Point And Reset Belkin wireless router.

How To Reset Belkin Wireless Router-

Folks I Can Tell You For Sure That Resetting The Router Can Solve Many Problems In Belkin Router.

I Have Reset Almost 1000 Router and Yes  Almost 95 % Router Did Work With Right Settings After Reset.

There Are Two Ways You Can Reset Belkin Wireless Router.

Soft Reset  – 

  • Friends, Please Log In To Your Router Using and Please Click On Submit.
  • Go to Settings and Click On Administration And Click On Factory Restore.
  • Wait For Minute and let the Belkin Router Reset.

Now Restart The Belkin router and Setup it Like A New Router Please Follow  setup belkin Wireless router

Hard Reset Belkin Router –

If You Are Not Able To Perform Soft Reset On Belkin Router Than You Must Do A Hard Reset On Your Belkin Wireless Router.

  • Look At The Back Of Your Belkin Wireless Router There Will Be a Reset Hole.
  • Use A pen Or paper clip And Press the Reset Key at the Back Of Your Belkin Router.
  • Hold The Reset Key For 30-40 Second and Restart The Belkin Router After Reset.
  • Restart The Modem and Computer
  • Your router Has Been Fully Reset and Ready To Configure the router and its Settings

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