Retail businesses, today, are using different types of payment gateways in transactions for their online as well as offline stores. With a retail POS terminal in place, it becomes easier for integrated online and offline software to operate simultaneously. The software and hardware integrated payment gateway is the most crucial part of any retail business.

Most POS software services are equipped with features such as those of sales management, inventory management, reporting as well as analytics, employee management, and marketing integrations. Similarly, many POS terminals come with hardware options as well, in which there may be a need for an iPad tablet or 2, along with devices for card reading. For larger businesses, receipt- printers, as well as monitors and routers, may be needed.

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the top retail POS systems in the market, including hardware-based POS terminals:

Square POS

It is known for the free iPad POS software that it offers. With this POS terminal, you can track your sales and inventory along with management of all the email receipts and customer purchases. A retail-focused POS terminal meant mostly for larger systems, Square POS comes with hardware such as a Square card reader and a Square stand. The pricing for this POS system starts at $ 60/month, along with a 2.5 % and 10 cents’ charge for each sale. It also comes with email support on a 24X7 basis and phone support on a 12X7 basis.  Square is one of the top brands in POS terminals with features, services, and prices that are hard to beat. The suite of hardware items offered along with it also makes it a cost-effective system.


Lightspeed comes with inventory management options such as importing items or orders from pre-loaded catalogs, a grouping of different items by types or even adding granular details like color, size, and style. With Lightspeed you can have up to 5 employee accounts from one register itself. The pricing plans for this POS start at $ 99/month and cover onboarding and access to basic analytics along with support on a 24/7 basis. Possible to run on iPads as well as desktops, the Lightspeed POS comes with hardware items including receipt printers, iPad stands, drawers for cash and scanners. If you have a complex inventory, this one can make for a great option for you. However, it can be a bit too much for small businesses like mall kiosks with limited products.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS terminal comes with compatible hardware that makes the transaction process streamlined

When it comes to POS terminals, Shopify, an e-commerce company, offers a great POS system. It is particularly known to be good for e-commerce integrations. Shopify POS terminal users get the additional perks of their own branded online stores as well as online sales channels of social media. Items may be bought online and be picked up from your store. The huge range of features offered by Shopify POS tends to include management of sales, employees as well as your inventory. Analytics are covered under the POS offering too.  Apart from that, Shopify POS also offers a mobile app to users. Shopify is priced at $ 29/month and if you want to expand the range of features being offered to you, for access to more advanced reporting then you may opt for the monthly plan of $ 79.

Vend POS

If you are looking for a POS terminal with third-party integration, then Vend POS terminal will make for a great option. With Vend POS, you can get payment processing support through payment gateway channels like Shopify, Square or PayPal. Vend POS is priced at $59 on a monthly basis. As a part of the plan, it covers split payments as well as contactless payments. It also offers customer profiles and gift cards. The e-commerce integration that Vend POS offers allows you to sell your products through digital, mobile as well as physical channels. The third-party integrations offered by Vend POS, along with ease of use on various devices- including Macs, iPads as well as desktops- makes it a great POS system. This POS terminal, has, in fact, been rated as one of the best for integrations on 3rd party channels.


All the top features essential for a retail POS are covered in this POS terminal. Your employees can track your inventory as well as sales to keep up with reports on a daily basis, even when out of the office. Another one of the highlights of this POS terminal is its tool for customer service, which comes with customer loyalty as well as gift card integrations. Priced at $ 69/month, this POS terminal covers features such as mobile app, customer marketing tools as well as 24/7 support.