If you use a web-based application within your business, then you’re using a runtime application. This can range from anything such as browser-based services, including Google Drive, Netflix, and Dropbox, all the way through to custom web-based applications that your business has specifically invested in.

However, these kinds of digital enterprises are renowned for being prime entry points for hackers and malicious software to infiltrate your business. This is why, just like all other kinds of digital activity, you need to invest in protection, ensuring that your business and the data you handle remains secure.

This is known as Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP). Today, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about RASP, and why how your business can benefit from implementing it.

What Is Runtime Application Self Protection?

RASP is the term given to a form of technology that runs on the server of your web application and activates while the server is running. This means it’s able to detect any potential threats and attacks in real-time, or as they happen.

A smart piece of technology, a RASP service will detect every single input that happens on the server and based on the nature of that input and the context of what it’s doing, it will decide whether to allow the action, or whether to block it.

Runtime Application Self Protection

Due to the nature of this process, no human interaction is needed for the software to operate, and therefore can be left to function on its own. You can automatically block attacks against your apps with RASP, as well as monitoring the security levels of your connection to the server, all without affecting the performance of the service itself.

How RASP Can Benefit Your Business

As you can probably already tell, there are plenty of benefits that RASP can bring into your business. More and more companies and organizations are moving onto RASP platforms, and here’s a clear breakdown of why;

1. Fast & Lightweight

One of the most important benefits is that RASP technology integrates directly into your application, rather than being a third-party application that runs alongside it. This means the service you’ll receive is in no way compromised in terms of speed and performance.

2. Precision Accuracy

There is a variety of companies out there that offer RASP solutions, and nearly all of them are constantly updated to provide you with the most up to date service. Some even analyze and catalog over 100 billion server requests a week, the information of which is used to improve the level of protection constantly you’ll receive.

3. Scalable Intelligence

As with any kind of tech, you’ll want the ability to grow as your services and business expands over time. RASP solutions can be implemented on any kind of scale and are always available for expansion. This means it doesn’t matter how big your business gets; you’ll always be protected.

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As you can see, as the technological era progresses, so does the ability to protect yourself from dangerous content and users that have the potential to seriously harm your business. If you’re not already thinking about implementing RASP technology, there’s never been a better time to do so.