This era of internet has brought a lot of excellent and fantastic opportunities. As the demand for social media grows, developers have gone all out to improve the efficiency of the platforms like creating social media counters among other improvements. Social media is so advanced that there is a convenience matched to personal needs.

Nonetheless, social media has not devoid of ills. The hardest pill to swallow, however, is dealing with privacy issues, struggling to protect your social media accounts from hackers who are so vigilant in surviving online. Is there a way to be smarter than hackers and be a couple of steps ahead of the game?

They say prevention is better than cure, so instead of waiting till your accounts are hacked, here are five tools that could help you keep your social media accounts off hackers’ net:


The problem with most people is that they use the same password for all their social media accounts. LastPass is a powerful password management tool that stores your passwords in a cloud where you can easily retrieve them, as well as generates new ones which you can use.

To keep hackers off your business, choose to use different complex passwords for different social media accounts that are not easy to figure out or recreate.



Firewall protection

It is difficult to regulate the kind of traffic that is on social media, or even the kind of content that people release online, some of which sets you up for hacking. Just clicking on an enticing link can create an entry point for hackers to invade your privacy.

Firewall protection puts a block to some kinds of traffic, giving you a secure network from suspicious activities and programs from hackers.


Anti-virus software

Some malicious programs still find a way on your device, despite the efforts to browse safely. This being the most commonly used tool to fight against hackers, anti-virus is security software that cleans up after you, by removing older kinds of threats after your browsing.

It is effective in that it focuses on a variety of viruses and threats, alerting you once there is a suspicious activity. Be watchful to keep updating your software and keep it to just one anti-virus software.



This tool is gaining popularity among business owners, as it covers potential loopholes that are a gateway for hackers.

Patches are programs or software that fix security vulnerabilities increasing the functionality of your device and ultimately locking out hackers.

Wireless router encryption

If you are relying on a wireless router for browsing, protecting your router from access is crucial to lock out potential hackers.

Since most wireless routers are not secured on default, opt for encryption option, either under basic or advanced settings.

wireless router encryption

Truth is we may not be able to control what other people are doing on social media, but we definitely should have a say in our privacy on social media. Everyone is entitled to online privacy, but if you really don’t want hackers bugging you, pick any of the precautionary measures and enjoy your internet your way. Stay ahead of the game!