Have some routers? Know that they have long been a favorite target for hackers even the amateur ones? Or…don’t have any idea of how the routers handle all the data that flows to and from your home/office? These questions are classic and unfortunately, not all users can answer them. To note, a router has a big role in transmitting data even through sensitive tools such as credit cards or smartphones. There is no doubt about this and this why we have to pay more attention to this data-transmitting tool.

Today, we can’t be separated from the Internet and the global computer network helps us almost in everything. Buying ticket, food, electronic equipment is now made easy by the presence of the Internet. This does not include other activities such as communicating, looking for a date to find work. With all the convenience provided, we’re increasingly dependent on the Internet and the dependence is actually a dependence on data transmission. Because routers take most of the role in data transmission in our homes and offices, the tools have a very important meaning in our lives. Bad news for you; if you still use an old router, you’re in a big problem!

They are vulnerable to threats!

As said above; they (especially the old ones) are very vulnerable to threats, even by amateurs though. Even a report by Symantec in May 2018 mentioned that a new router malware had been found and it was more sophisticated and dangerous than previous versions. What do you imagine if the transmission of your important data is spied by a hacker? Your life will be in his hands and this is something quite bad.

What are the security threats for routers?

There are a variety of possible threats and one of the most famous is VPNFilter. This is dangerous malware and even most tech-savvy geeks can’t realize when and where this malware is attacking. This Russian malware attacks with “minimal alarm” even you won’t find your Internet speed slowing down. However there is always a way for all problems and you can now use VPNFilter Check, a simple browser-based test designed specifically to detect the presence of VPNFilter. This malware is not the only threat because there are still more than a dozen other well-known malware such as DNSChanger and Switcher. They work by writercheap.com changing DNS change passwords and thus changing the original password and replacing it with a new one. Watch your DNS settings!

vpn filter malware

How to avoid the threats?

To be honest there are a few simple steps to keep the threats from our router device away. One of the simplest is to regularly update the router software. Most router manufacturers routinely update their products to minimize threats. For information, hackers always update their malware, therefore, it is important for us to update our router software in order to narrow their space.

Another way you can do is to find as much information about devices that are not susceptible to certain malware, VPNFilter for example. For information, not all routers are vulnerable to VPNFilter attacks and by choosing them you can eliminate one risk. However, VPNFilter is not the only threatening malware so the first method above is more reliable for the long term.

cyber attack

You can increase security by downloading several related router applications

For example; you can increase the security of your router by downloading several applications that can help you to take charge of your home network. Genie and Linksys are the two best examples. With them, you can strengthen control on your routers including control on prohibited data that enters your Internet network.

Hopefully, this article can give you new knowledge.