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How to Cancel Norton Subscription & Get Refund?

Hello there, are you looking to cancel Norton’s subscription and get a refund for the remaining subscription or do you just want to turn off Norton autorenewal and use the Norton antivirus for the rest of the time remaining or uninstall it?

in any case today in this post we will help you with any problem related to Norton cancellation and auto-renewal and help you get rid of any Norton antivirus-related problem.

Let’s Start With Norton’s cancelation First

Cancel Norton Subscription

Now, as soon as you purchase a Norton product, such as Norton 360, you need to create a Norton account that stores all your private details along with the product you receive. After you have used Norton Antivirus, you might think that your PC or laptop is prone to hackers viruses or an unknown source that might try to harm your PC.

in order to cancel the Norton antivirus subscription, you must be able to log in to the Norton account.

  • Go to your computer or Phone and open the web browser.
  • login to your account using the email used to purchase Norton as username and password to access your Norton account.
  • click at the right top of My Norton and access my subscription and from there cancel Norton subscription
sign in norton account

if you have already purchased antivirus and it’s not been 60 days then you are eligible to get the refund as Norton has 60 days refund policy.

Norton is a great antivirus software However, Norton’s antivirus has one major drawback, which eliminates the interest of the users. The application holds your Debit or Credit Card details, and when your subscription is about to end, the app automatically updates its payment from its sneaky auto-renewal policy.

When you sign up with your Norton Antivirus provider, the application automatically provides you with an option of auto-renewal after your subscription has ended.

In contempt to the fact that you already have some other service provider or you don’t want to use the Norton Antivirus application any further, you can easily cancel your automatic renewal. Moreover, you can remove your card details from their service provider system.

Now here is How you can Stop Norton from auto-charging your card.

Turn Off Norton Subscription Auto-Renewal

Here are the steps which you need to follow to cancel the subscription of the Norton Antivirus.

  • First, you need to Sign in your Norton. use the email you used to purchase norton software.
  • Now, go to the ’Subscription’ page and see the option ‘Disable Automatic Renewal’ move the slider to ’OFF.’
Disable Automatic Renewal
turn off norton auto renewal
  • Click ‘Turn Off,’ and you’ll receive the confirmation prompt.
  • Now, once you cancel the subscription, it will not renew once it gets expired by time.
cancel Norton subscription

Nevertheless, if you fall out of the 60-days return period, you can choose to use the product. If the product is removed from the system, then you can download and reinstall the software to utilize its worth.

Before reinstalling the application, make sure to turn off the auto-renewal option to disable automatic renewal. for installation, you can try this Norton setup guide in a simple way.

How to Get Norton Refund Easily

Please follow the information given below to receive the refund From Norton. Norton Antivirus application offers a 60 days refund program, which you can get quickly if your Debit or Credit card is charged in less than sixty days.

Do remember that you need to apply for this offer before you get charged for 60 days of subscription

Now, carry out the following to get help from Norton. While engaging in the chat with the customer support service, keep the information in your hand, and provide all the necessary data to initiate the Norton Cancellation procedure to return your cash.

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Before you proceed, obtain the information given below

  • The last four digits of the Debit or Credit card number which you used to carry out the purchase.
  • Debit or Credit card expiration date.
  • Email addressed used during the purchase.

The most effective way to cancel your subscription is before when you receive your invoice. If you haven’t received your invoice yet, you can cancel the automatic renewal service without engaging in any chat with its support system.

To carry out the cancellation, you need to log in to your Norton Account and disable the automatic renewal option.

The Conclusion

A much better way to carry out the cancellation process is to call the customer care service. You can ask the customer service representative to eliminate the automatic renewal of Norton Antivirus and erase your account details. However, if you are still in the registration phase of the service, you can get assistance.

If you are unable to go through the chat procedure or the chat procedure is taking far too much time, you can call the toll-free number of your bank statement. You need to explain the situation to the executive, and after that, a request will be made to a live person in no time. Your refund will then be processed in 10 minutes.

you can also find what norton Support communtiy has to say on matter.

If you think that the information provided was useful to help you cancel Norton subscription then do leave us a like and comment in the comment section below.

If you have any more alternative methods to cancel the Norton antivirus application and get a refund, then do let us know in the comment section. We’d be happy to update the post!

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