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Today I Will Guide You Guys How To Setup Belkin Range Extender With Your Home Wireless Internet .

Friends, Belkin Range Extender Helps Your Extend The Signal Quality And Strength


With Right Steps You Can Setup Your Belkin Extender In Just 5 Minutes –

Please Follow the Steps and Get It Resolved –

How To Setup Belkin Range Extender ?


  • UnBox Your Belkin Range Extender And Plug It to the Power .
  • You Can Also Setup Your Belkin Range Extender without Any Extra  Ethernet Connection.
  • As Soon As You Plugged Your Extender To Power Outlet You Will Get a Extra Wireless Network name ( Belkin.setup ) In Your Network List .
  • Please Connect With Belkin.setup Network
  • Open The Browser Or Go to belkin Extender setup page using http://belkin.range and Lets Install And Configure Belkin Range Extender .

How to Configure settings In Belkin Range extender ?

Friends Somehow If Belkin.range Did Not Worked Please go to  and Click On Get Started . (Make Sure Router And Extender is Turned On )

  • Now Your Range Extender Will Search For Network Name which is In the Range Of Your Extender .
  • Select Your Network Name that You Want to Extend And Click On Next .
  • Now It May Ask For Network Key (Router password) Please Type Your Wireless Router Password and Click Next .
  • Now Verify Everything And Click On Create Extended Network  .
  • Please Restart Your Router And Extender and Wait For 1 minute .
  • Congrats, Now You Can Connect To Your New Extended Wireless Network .

For More Visit https://fixingblog.com/how-to-setup-or-reset-the-belkin-range-extender/

Guys If This Did Not Work I Have Some Inside Hack Of Belkin Range Extender .

After All This If You Get Any Trouble With Your Belkin Range Extender I May Suggest You Try These Trick I Used To Setup My Belkin Range Extender .

First We Need To Reset Range Extender –

How To Reset Belkin Range Extender –

Friends , To Reset Settings In Your Belkin Range Extender You Need to Follow these Steps –

  • Loot at the Back Of Your Extender There Will A Reset Key at the Back .
  • Press The Reset Hole Using Paperclip Or Pen And Hold For Like 30 Second .
  • Now Release The Reset Key and Restart The Range Extender

Now You Can Setup The Range Extender Again By Given Steps Above .

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