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Today I Will Guide You Guys How To Setup Belkin Range Extender With Your Home Wireless Internet.

Friends, Belkin Range Extender Helps Your Extend The Signal Quality And Strength. With Right Steps You Can Setup Your Belkin Extender In Just 5 Minutes –

Please Follow the Steps and Get It Resolved –

How To Setup Belkin Range Extender?

  • UnBox Your Belkin Range Extender And Plug It into the Power.
  • You Can Also Setup Your Belkin Range Extender without Any Extra  Ethernet Connection.
  • As Soon As You Plugged Your Extender Into Power Outlet You Will Get an Extra Wireless Network name ( Belkin.setup ) In Your Network List.
  • Please Connect With Belkin.setup Network
  • Open The Browser Or Go to Belkin Extender setup page using http://belkin.range and Lets Install And Configure Belkin Range Extender.

How to Configure settings In Belkin Range Extender?

Friends Somehow If Belkin.range Did Not Work Please go to  and Click On Get Started. (Make Sure Router And Extender is Turned On )

  • Now Your Range Extender Will Search For Network Name which is In the Range Of Your Extender
  • Select Your Network Name that You Want to Extend And Click On Next.
  • Now It May Ask For Network Key (Router password) Please Type Your Wireless Router Password and Click Next.
  • Now Verify Everything And Click On Create Extended Network.
  • Please Restart Your Router And Extender and Wait For 1 minute.
  • Congrats, Now You Can Connect To Your New Extended Wireless Network.

For More Visit :-  https://fixingblog.com/how-to-setup-or-reset-the-belkin-range-extender/

Guys If This Did Not Work I Have Some Inside Hack Of Belkin Range Extender.

After All, This If You Get Any Trouble With Your Belkin Range Extender I May Suggest You Try These Trick I Used To Setup My Belkin Range Extender.

First We Need To Reset Range Extender –

How To Reset Belkin Range Extender –

Friends, To Reset Settings In Your Belkin Range Extender You Need to Follow these Steps –

  • Look at the Back Of Your Extender There Will A Reset Key at the Back.
  • Press The Reset Hole Using Paperclip Or Pen And Hold For Like 30 Second.
  • Now Release The Reset Key and Restart The Range Extender

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Now You Can Setup The Range Extender Again By Given Steps Above.

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