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Take Your Next Social Media Marketing Campaign to another Level

You can think of your social media marketing campaign as an umbrella under which all of your other promotional and advertising tactics will fall under. Of course, if you have been doing this for a while, every idea that you come up with can seem lacklustre or contrived. Well, the good news for you is that you don’t have to remain in this rut for much longer.

Understand, the trick with such campaigns is to present goods, services, or information to your customer base in a new and refreshing way. This is what will help you to not just capture their attention but to also increase overall engagement. So, without further ado, here is how you can better your future campaigns:

Allow Your Followers to Participate in the Campaign

Traditionally, campaigns have been rather one-sided – businesses will use a number of tactics to get the word out about a particular good or service. The customer base simply absorbs this message. In the era of social media, though, these types of campaigns simply won’t do. Instead, you need to start focusing on how you can get your followers involved in the campaign.

Now, the simplest way to do this would be to ask a question – you can do this via images or videos (although video will be more effective). Then, it is a matter of watching the responses rolling. There, however, is a catch here. Understand, whatever question you ask must be trending, relevant, and able to capture the attention of your target audience. Not to mention, it should also prompt your followers to share it with others.

allow followers to participate in campaign

As you can imagine, this is no easy feat. This is why for projects such as this, you will find it best to partner up with organizations such as Shout social media agency. Such agencies have the tools and know-how to gather the right data and formulate the best possible question.

Experiment with a New Platform

Most brands tend to stick with social media platforms and have no plans of budging anytime soon. Now, such a strategy makes sense considering that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are still enormously popular. However, it is important to not get too comfortable on such platforms.

For one thing, there is always a flow and ebb with such platforms. The one minute they are blowing up and the next, few people can even remember them. For another, there actually quite a few up-and-coming platforms out there. This means that you may be able to find one that is perfectly suited to your target audience. Therefore, although the reach on such platforms will be smaller, you will have the advantage of gaining more engagement.

Time Your Campaigns Well

You are going to want to take a cue from the Americans for this one as they have a National Day for everything. This includes everything from Clean off Your Desk to French bread. Chances are, they have one for whatever your goods or service your business offers as well.

The reason that this is germane is because such days provide you with an appropriate timeline. Launching campaigns around relevant times of the year add greater impact to what you are trying to achieve. It also helps to make your message seem more natural.

Time your campaign well

In case such a day isn’t too relevant in your own country, you are going to need some legwork first. Create some hype about this day on social media ahead of time. This way, by the time it rolls around, your followers will be ready.

Break Down a Complex Subject

Now, if you are a restaurant or your business involves something fun, you are in luck. It is relatively easy to create promotional content for such things. This isn’t quite so simple when you have to deal with finance, insurance, or other sectors that people find rather boring.

This is why to get to your customer base, you need to break down this complex subject into something simple. Or, try to put it in a way that makes sense for your followers. For instance, if you are selling insurance, try a different tactic. Interview actual people about an accident or unfortunate event in their lives and have them talk about how insurance helped them. You will find that your followers will absorb this kind of message more readily. There are quite a few strategies that you can rely on to really help your next marketing campaign take off on social media.

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