Marketing posters can successfully reach new clients and promote your products and services. According to marketing experts, poster printing and distribution is a smart way to get better exposure for your brand. But not all poster signs are created equal. Perfectly designed poster signs yield good returns on investment. On the other hand, poorly designed posters risk your marketing investment. Here are effective strategies for creating posters that convert customers and can help your business grow.

1. Include your offer in the poster’s headline

An effective way to command attention for your poster is having a big, bold headline. To make it more effective, put your offer in the poster headline. When you lead off with a VIP pass offer, a huge special discount, or a freebie giveaway, your target audience will comprehend whatever you are offering easily.

Ensure that the offer is good enough that your target audience will want to benefit from it before it expires. It’s also good to have a clear and perfectly defined time limit for the offer.

poster with headline

2. Contrasting design and unique images

Use a unique, eye-catching design to make your posters irresistible to the target audience. Marketing experts recommend the use of contrasting colors either in the poster or its background. You can also use poster signs designed with a humorous, out-of-place image that your clients will want to tell their friends, family, and colleagues about. Sometimes, customers respond to visual content such as images before reading the poster’s headline and its content.

3. Response mechanism

One of the common mistakes that most businesses make with posters is the failure to include response mechanisms. Well, your poster’s headline, images, and the offer will motivate your target audience to take a specific action. However, if they don’t know the specific action they should take, they will have already lost your edge.

It is, therefore, important to tell your prospects whether they have to call a certain phone number, go to a certain retail location, or visit a certain website. Doing so can boost your return on investment because you can successfully take the guesswork out of the picture.

4. Intelligent distraction

It is believed that 40% of any direct email campaign success is contingent on the target audience. This is true when it comes to the distribution of marketing posters. Ensure that you carefully research your poster distribution strategy and place them in areas with high traffic. This way, you can be sure to sure to reach the right target audience.

Lastly, make sure that your marketing posters are printed using premium paper.  Excellent posts will attract new clients, reveal your offer effectively, and probably lead to better conversions.