Benefits of Supermarket POS system

The POS systems in a supermarket often play a major role in overall store automation. In addition to the appropriate hardware of a pos system, the point of sale software is an important part of this. If you have been able to make a choice regarding the hardware and the pos software, you will also have the choice of suitable accessories in addition to your cash register system.

It is often difficult to get a good insight into all the choices you can make. In that case, it is important to get good advice from the POS systems supplier.

Questions you can ask in the search for the appropriate Pos system are:

  • Where should the POS systems be located in my company?
  • Does the supplier of the POS systems have experience in the supermarket sector?
  • What should my POS  system have in terms of functions?
  • What should my POS system do in the field of hardware?
  • What does front office have to do? What should all the back office do?

Hardware from a POS system

There are a number of choices in the field of hardware. Is the POS system on a counter, in a check-out (with treadmill) or in a different location?

Check-out POS System

In the supermarket sector, this will in most cases be a check-out. Inform the supplier of your POS systems where the point of sale system must be installed. The most ideal is that you have the check-out supplier which contact the supplier of the pos systems.

Counter Point of Sale system

Will there be a pos system on a counter? This is in many cases a lot easier to place the POS system. Nevertheless, in this case it must also be clearly communicated what exactly has to be done. Of course, cables must be neatly concealed. A cash drawer often also needs to be placed under the counter.

Fresh Department POS System (prepacking)

Are you going to pay for a fresh department within your supermarket? Are you going to label (pre-pack) fresh produce in that department? This is often no problem at all.

In fresh departments it is important that the hardware of the POS system is easy to clean!

Accessories for your POS system

In addition to the POS system, various accessories are available. The accessories you need depend on the functionalities of the system. Possible accessories are:

  • Bonprinter
  • barcode scanner
  • Libra / weighing platform
  • Money tray
  • Customer display
  • Valsgeldchecker
  • POS

Checkout software

In addition to the hardware of the POS system, you will work with the software that is part of the pos software. The point of sale software is distinguished in back-office software and front-office software.

Front-office POS Software

The front-office software is the software that runs on the POS system. From this point of sale software you can scan, weigh, pay, (possibly) pre-pack, invoice and many other various front-office tasks.

The composition of these functions is determined by the wishes of you as an entrepreneur and the wishes from the supermarket sector. This way you will always receive a pos system completely tailored to your supermarket.

front ofc pos

Functions that are often used in the supermarket sector are:

  • to pay
  • Product Registration
  • Bon Parking
  • Discounts
  • Billing
  • Weighing to POS system
  • savings system
  • Corrections
  • Label
  • Cash History

In addition to these functionalities, it is possible to program other functionalities based on your wishes.

Back-office Software

The software is a complete back-office software. From this software you control all the pos systems that you have within your supermarket.

It is also possible to control multiple locations from this software (including all pos systems).

What is possible with the POS Software?

  • Managing your item file
  • Create and print various shelf cards and labels
  • Extensive financial reports at turnover level, group level and article level
  • A complete order module
  • Various options in the field of stock management
  • An invoicing module that can be linked to all POS systems
  • Various marketing tools in the field of actions and mix-match actions
  • Cashier / seller management
  • An extensive cash-making module
  • Various export possibilities with external software such as accounting packages and webshops

Are you interested in our Supermarket POS Systems?

Top POS System is happy to think along with you if you are looking for a suitable supermarket POS.

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