Everyone remembers the good old days when we used TV to play our favorite games. Nintendo revolutionized the gaming industry in terms of interactivity and game design but the true revolution happened with computer technology.

When the desktop PC got available for all of us, the game creators and developers boomed on the market.  There was a huge demand for games suitable for PC just because the technology offers a lot of possibilities that were unknown to the general public up till then.

With the computers, the internet game websites appeared and offered even more interactive and user-centric experience.

Technology helped the gaming industry tremendously. However, these are not all of the benefits the gaming community enjoys thanks to the innovative tech solutions.

We have compiled a list of things technology advancements did for the gaming industry.

1.    AI and the real experience

Artificial intelligence technology changed everything.  If you compare today games and old game, playing against a computer in the past was relatively a dull and predictable experience. Now, fortunately, things have changed. If you do not have friends in the gaming community, you can always play multiplayer against the AI. The AI technology is smart and mimicking humans more and more each day. Nowadays, enemies go for strategies, develop skills and are very hard to defeat. We can say that the AI industry reshaped the multiplayer gaming experience for people that want or have to play games alone.

artificial intelligence in game

2.    Online gaming is on the rise

Online gaming is where the fun begins.  For some computer games, a multiplayer mode is a must and obligatory functionality since it is popular among the gaming community.  You can play with people around the world and compete with the best. The multiplayer online gaming experience has become unique and one of a kind challenging quest that most people enjoy doing.

3.    The third dimension is magical

With the advancement of technology, we are witnessing one of the most fascinating three-dimension games built in the history. For instance, the graphic design and the visuals are that except that you would want to live in this artificial world. Fortunately, this approach improved the gaming experience as now you can enjoy interactive one of kind journeys with people all around the world.

4.    Consoles and computers are portable

Everything is getting smaller and portable in the tech world. People are obsessed with design. We live in a society where visuals are very important. That’s why consoles and computers got smaller, smoother and most importantly usable in any place and time.

The good news is that the gaming community can access and play their games whenever they feel like.  There is undeniably unique feel to play your favorite game from any place you like.

game on console

5.    VR technology is the future

If you are noticing the unusually high volume of ads about VR gadgets recently, that’s because the VR is the future. All of the large companies like Samsung are familiar with the change the VR and AR technology will bring. Especially in the gaming industry, VR will introduce unique and fully customized gaming experience for every one of us. We will physically participate, experience and live in the game.  It seems that website with games is not enough to trigger a demand among people about your product. You need to offer all of the innovations and functionalities if you want to stay in the game.

The gaming industry will change in the future as new revolutionary technology will appear on the market. We can say that the gaming community can look forward to some of the most technologically advanced and interactive gaming experiences in the future.