In this modernized world, every single person in any country is busy with their everyday lifestyle. This often leads us towards forgetfulness. Not only our daily life cores but also some important things related to our daily life generally getting deleted from our memory for a while. Such incidents are causing a tremendous set back in our routine life and even in our career. Sometimes it also causes a huge ill-impact in our self-image.
In order to meet with this issue, the Swedish people are taking help of a new-generation tech support. They are getting planted anywhere in the hand of a user which contains every small detail related to them and helps them to unlock doors, buying railway tickets and using it like a gym pass. All the user needs to do is to touch the microchip planted part of the lock then it is getting unlocked. The small transponder in silicate glass is a new fad for this generation and all working classes. Some of them are getting it injected into their body just for their personal amenities.


Carrying the keys and gym pass and stressing the phone with ticket buying QR code such things are no longer the things to cause forgetfulness to the Swedish people. The microchip is doing all this for them. Even some private sector companies are now more prone to use this for its employees to make the working schedule easier and employees more self-reliant.
According to some users who are using this for their personal use are much happy because it is making their daily life easier to lead. If a person has forgotten to buy his/her railway ticket or the phone used by the person is undergoing through some technical issue that getting the QR code is not getting possible and the scanning this by the ticket checker is the immediate need then the ticket checker can scan the portion of the passenger’s hand where that microchip has been planted. Even the Swedish railway service authority has seen a sharp rise in their passenger who are willingly switching to this microchip scanning for their during ticket checking.
But this is not that this process has no ill-impact on human health. According to the noted microbiologists can cause infections in the human body. On the other hand, insertion of such a foreign electronics thing can also wreak havoc on the human immune system. Not only upon the human physiology but also the use of such microchips can hasten the chance and incidents of data theft. As the world is facing severe data leak and theft-related consequences such mass use of microchips retaining some important personal data information may have been proved more lethal. But the younger generation is not at all ready to be much serious about these points and they are more eager to enjoy their life more tension free and smart ways.

microchip inside hand

For such huge demand of these RFID transponders, some companies are manufacturing it commercially. NXP, Impinj(Monza Tag Chip Family), Alien (Alien Technology) and EM Micro (EM Electronics) are few such manufacturers while Mac’s and Marks & Spencer are the retailer biggies which are providing this RFID transponders microchip easily available to the customers.