Email marketing is one the easiest way to contact clients and telling them about your services or understanding their requirements. But you must know some amazing strategies to get success. Today I am here to show you the top 5 email marketing strategies, but before that, I will tell you about what email marketing is and how it is beneficial.
Using correct email marketing strategies, you can really increase your network and you can get regular updates on the latest trends that are hitting the market. In order to reach people, you must maintain your brand image and your value in the market so that people remember about you.
Your main agenda behind email marketing should be, converting as many leads as possible and spreading your brand’s awareness among your clients. Your strategy must be so powerful that the leads trust you and they want you to work for them. So, follow these top 5 email marketing strategies that I am going to list down.
Sending emails not only includes your proposal but you must know that how to craft it, which points you must mention, what points you must avoid.
First let us see what email marketing is and how we can get advantage from it.

What is Email Marketing?
Email marketing is all about sending emails to individuals or groups, you can send business mails, advertisements, sales or donations or more. With this you are making people trust you with your brand as you are spreading the awareness in such a way. In recent times it has become a trend to use iMessage on windows computer to send emails and use different kind of email services for online promotions.

Send mail to other
You can also send emails to the leads you have purchased or the current customers you are working with to tell them more about your services and brand. By sending an email, you are building a relationship with your clients so that they can buy from you or can trust you.
There are various types of email marketing that you can do like transactional emails or direct emails that further includes mobile email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing?

  • Using email marketing strategies in a correct manner, it will be easy for you to generate more leads.
  • Your sales and conversion rates will get improved.
  • You can easily reduce the marketing costs.
  • You can identify which are the better-quality leads for you. You can filter as per your requirement.
  • You can integrate with more people and increase your network.

Top 5 Email Marketing Strategies:
    1. Who are your customers: This is the most important thing you must know and this is one of the best email marketing strategy that you can follow. If you know that whom you are targeting and how you are going to spread awareness about your brand, then it will be easy. You must create your buyer’s personas in such a way that you quickly pretend what your customer wants. It’s all about putting your legs in your customer’s shoes and thinking as a customer. If you create a good buyer persona, you can convert your micro-segments into a big one.

2. Tell them your offers: Once you are clear about who are your target audience then it is the time you should email them. Tell them about your brand in brief, what kind of services you offer, what are your schemes. There must be a complete list of offers that you are going to provide. Remember that no one is going to read your complete mail, so write it to the point and mention only the relevant things.

3. You must do user-friendly marketing: Many people don’t like the user-friendly marketing strategy but trust me, you should try it. You should be polite with your emails, the person to whom you are sending the mail must feel that this can be profitable to him or her. As you know email marketing is the best way through which you can directly communicate with the customers, you need to first build the trust and then tell them about your services, only if they respond. Don’t keep on mailing again and again.

4. Research properly: Even after finding out your targeted audience, research about them. Try to find out that the customers you are targeting belongs to which country, what is the age group of them. Break your research into segmentations also known as micro segmentation. It is one of the top 5 email marketing strategies, that you can apply. There are many software available on the internet that you can use for the analysing purpose.

5. Decide the correct time: Email marketing doesn’t mean you can send whenever you want to. Everybody is highly busy now a days and people delete email without even opening it. So, if you don’t want the same thing happen to you, do your email marketing after the office hours. Let people do some rest and send your proposal in night. They will surely open it and read it and hopefully will respond too.

After looking at these strategies, you must also know that what are the things that you must avoid while doing email marketing. So, let’s see.

Mistakes you must avoid in email marketing?

Mistakes you must avoid in email marketing
1. Not optimizing your mail with your smartphone: Thousands of people check their mail on their phone only, so don’t underestimate these people. You may be in loss. There are more than 600+ million Gmail users who use their smartphone for checking the mail.

2. Irrelevant information: Avoid writing long articles, that includes irrelevant data, try to be on point and represent only your services in an interesting manner.

3. Do not reply: Never use “do not reply” marketing strategy.

4. Not using other emails: Like millions of people are active on Gmail, there are millions of people who are active on other platforms too like outlook, Yahoo, Rediff and more. Don’t neglect them.

Mentioned above are the top 5 email marketing strategies that you need to follow in order to get more project. Email marketing is one of the best ways to become a well-known person in the crowd and let everyone know about your brand.