While some companies associate backlink building with black hat SEO tactics, it’s one of the most important SEO tactics for ranking your business online. You should only focus on getting high-quality backlinks from websites that are relevant to your business. You don’t want to get backlinks from any website just to remain on the top of search results. Quality link building can be achieved with five of the following link building solutions.



This agency helps companies build contextual links to your content. Purelinq has worked with over 20,000 authors, influencers, bloggers, and publishers. This agency would rather focus on placing high-quality links in highly-contextual articles and high-quality websites.

They meticulously comb through each of their sources in their database and build relationships with your potential clients. PureLinq link building solution is a good fit if you want only the best content and sites for your business.


FatJoe is an outsourced company that provides link building and content solutions for SEO agencies. Upon registration, you have access to an easy to use dashboard where you can manage and track your orders. The great thing about FatJoe is that you can see every service they implement right on your dashboard.

You also have access to premium services such as Blogger Outreach. With this program, FatJoe helps you find clients on relevant blogs and websites. They even keep track of every link on your dashboard, so you don’t incur double links. FatJoe is more of a supplier for agencies rather than a consulting service.

Stellar SEO

Stellar SEO has a unique link building service because they treat it like a concierge service. This agency interviews you about your goals and develops a strategy that provides you with real results. You’ll end up with quality and relevant links. Unlike most of the link building service providers, Stellar SEO is based in the United States with a local phone number and address.

LinkFish Media

This agency’s core focus is providing quality links for highly competitive niches and businesses. They rather develop human connections than relying on websites to build links. While they do use technology for analysis and audits, they thrive on old-fashioned marketing to position their clients on the internet. LinkFish Media works hard to make you stand out in a digital landscape.

LinkFish Media

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog consists of content marketing and public relations. They’re ideal for businesses who want to work with an agency that provides more than just link building services. They focus on creating your brand and targeting your demographic the best ways possible.

Screaming Frog believes the old-school way of doing link building such as guest posting is “archaic” and focuses on outreach strategies to attract high-quality links back to your website. Some of their methods include visual content, social media, and creative content.

As you can see, link building is an imperative part of your search engine optimization. You should choose a solution that meets your goals. Choose one or two of these link building solutions to improve your business online.

It’s best to seek expert advice from someone within your industry before you begin. While you should trust the experts, it’s important to know how and where your website is being cited.