If you want to bring a change in your organization that too for better then you must invest in appraisals and feedback. A single important tool or program can bring a desirable impact in your organization. If you want to make sure that your employees grow and your organization becomes stronger then you have to take care of performances at individual level. You have to make sure that every single person working in your organization is making the most of their calibre, potential and skills.   

You can use concepts that are trendy these days and really appreciated for their effectivity. 360 degree performance appraisal is one such concept that can help you identify the real potential of your employees and you get to know where your staff members stand in terms of their day to day performance. Feedbacks are the door that gets you through the weaknesses and strengths.  Once a staff member knows where he lacks or where he shines; he can modify his ways of working accordingly. Similarly, being a manager or team head, you can make sure that you keep your team members effective. You get to know about what others thing about them and hence you can take the needed steps to get the most out of your team members.

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It can be stated that this degree feedback system has fetched more meaning to the organizations and businesses that are team oriented. Not just the organization but its staff members have also gained much. The conventional uses of this system were to cater information to the human resource managers but it has changed now. The current objective of process is to gather anonymous feedback about a specific employee from the peers, superiors, colleagues and if possible client feedback also. Such a method helps to evaluate the performance of the staff members.

Diversity in raters

360 degree feedback permits your organization to make use of multiple raters such as peers, direct reports, supervisors, subordinates and external raters such as clients, customers or vendors to leave feedback on a staff member. The feedback is most of the times used as a benchmark inside the employee’s development plan. If you have a team concentrated environment then this 360 degree feedback can be really effective. It allows the employee know how his/her team members or members of their department view the effectiveness of their performance. Moreover it is apparent too those 360 feedbacks cater everybody an opportunity to weigh in on performance, instead of only the department heads or manager. Such a thing allows employees to access crucial developmental feedback they may not fetch otherwise. Moreover, since multiple parties are catering feedback, you’ll get a wider view of employee performance instead of looking just at one aspect. For instance, maybe managers tend to concentrate most on productivity, peers and direct reports might share insights about teamwork, leadership, and even other crucial skills. In this way, the things get evaluated in all ways.

Keep it confidential

It is significant and crucial that the feedback remain anonymous to the person who got rated. If employees are permitted to see the comments and ratings and who left them, emotions and feelings of bitterness can arise along with tightness among the employee and of course the raters. What is the point if the end of feedbacks is adverse because of the misunderstanding among the employees? The best thing is to make sure that the names of the raters are kept secret. In this way, the feedback and appraisal thing can work out comfortably and without any conflicts.

Forward approach

Different from the annual appraisal, 360 feedbacks must be given on on-going grounds to address performance factors as they are taking place instead of months down the lane. Such a thing gives staff members the opportunity to get particular, actionable feedback on what they might improve as well as praise for what have been doing consistently good.

Opportunities for Development

A crucial aspect of effective on-going performance management is catering employee’s development opportunities. 360 feedback gives a robust view of how departments or teams might continue to develop their strengths and turn out to be an even better employee.

You cannot dodge the motivation factor

Maybe not every feedback is a positive one but there are still feedbacks and reviews that are positive. Once your employees get a feedback that is good, he might get the motivation to do better.  No accomplishments can be achieved in the absence of motivation. If your staffs are motivated, it would be a boon for your organization. Good and positive feedbacks always ignite motivation in employees and they try to give even 200 % in their performance.

Which type of organization should go for 360 degree appraisal?

Most of the organization that concentrate on employee development and growth should implement this process. Certainly organizations take valuable feedback about a staff member or an employee before making a main decision about the professional career. 360 degree appraisal will also assist the employees to polish and develop their skills and provide a great career scope in the organization. Such an evaluation process helps in making decisions like salary growth, promotion and other valued & significant things.

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These appraisals are for?

Nobody would deny that initially these appraisals were originally designed for the people in leadership positions; but today it is turning out to be a famous review technique for colleagues of all degrees in an organisation. Not just it permit employees to improve in their present day role, it also help those who wish to progress in the organization. The procedure for the non-managers does differ in a sense that these don’t encompass contribution from direct reports.   The point is that anyone in the organization can progress and grow provided they are aware of their drawbacks and lacking. Once your staff members know where they lack and where they need to work on; you can find a complete transformation in your business.


So, transform your business with the help of 360 degree performance. It can do wonders for your overall growth and image!