WinZip is the archiver and a functional tool that is used for archiving data. It has many interesting and convenient options, such as working with info stored in the cloud, protecting the archive with a password and even converting it to PDF.

WinZip is a very popular archiver. It can be useful for working with large files, especially when they need to be sent or transferred. In the application, you can compress various files. It doesn’t affect the quality. Then, the file can be unpacked directly in the app. You can download WinZip from the official site.

A clear interface and conveniently located toolbars help the user to quickly start working on documents, whether it’s compressing files into an archive or unpacking archived papers.

To use the archiver, you have to purchase a licensed version of the program and an activation key. To install the archiver, you need to unclose the installation file and follow the instructions of the program.

After the installation is done, enter the license password and activate WinZip. Open the program with the help of the explorer or shortcut icon on the desktop and find the file you want to start with the help of the context menu.

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You may specify the places where to attach the shortcut icon of the program. So, you can open the archiver through the Start panel, the shortcut icon can be located on the Desktop or in the context menu.

To open the archiver through the shortcut icon on the desktop, double-click on it with the left mouse key. If it’s required to open the program via Start, go to the menu and choose it from the list of installed programs.

To open a Zip file, several methods are used.

The first method is double-clicking the left mouse key on the archive. In case the archiver is installed on your PC, the file will unclose quickly.

The second method is right-clicking on the archived file and selecting “Extract” or “Extract files” from the context menu.

When these functions are completed, run the archiver and select “Unzip” from the tools menu.

To work with documents, packed into the archive, install the archiver and activate it.

In case you need to unzip one document, after installing the program, open the archive by double-clicking on it.

Open the archiver and choose the files that you want to unpack with the help of the Explorer. On the toolbar at the top of the interface, select Unpack and specify the location where you want to save the folder How to Use the WinZip Archivers or files.

If you want to put a password on the program, then you need to perform a number of simple actions.

With WinZip, you can make ZIP (or Zipx) archives with AES-256 encryption (default), AES-128 and Legacy (the same ZipCrypto). You have an opportunity to do this in the main program window by enabling the corresponding option in the right panel, and then setting the encryption parameters below (if you don’t specify them when adding files to the archive the system will ask to specify a password).

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When adding files to the archive using the context menu of the explorer, just choose the item “Encrypting files” in the archive creation window, tap the “Add” button and set the password to the archive.

Uninstalling the archiver is done through the Control Panel. To delete the program, go to the Start menu in the control panel. Choose Add or Remove Programs.

Choose the archiver and right-click on it. Specify “Delete”. WinZip will be removed from the PC. To apply the changes, restart the PC.