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The one thing that all movie lovers can agree on is that movies are the best! But do you know what’s even better than watching a movie even for movie lovers? Watching a movie for free! Every movie lover wants to watch their preferable movies as soon as they can, from their homes, and without having to pay for watching them. But most of them do not have any idea as to where such movies can be found online.

Well, this article is for those of you guys and for anyone else who is trying to find their favorite movie online but doesn’t know where to find it. 

we do not recommend downloading from any internet websites and if you choose to do it it’s totally your choice however it’s best that you watch movies online with good websites instead of downloading them from the internet to your hard drive.

Time to reveal names of the websites that have thousands and thousands of movies in their reservoir, waiting to be seen by you guys. These websites are as follows:


1. Showbox

This app shares quite some of its features with YouTube. This also refers to it being user-friendly. This is mainly because of its easily understandable and nice homepage along with all its content being properly organized and hence, easy to surf in.

The Showbox app requires nothing from you other than completing the signup process to start streaming your favorite movies in it.

2. YTS 

If you are one of those OGs who used to get all their favorite and entertaining movies using sites such as The Pirates Bay or TorrentZilla, then using this website would be no less than feeling nostalgia for you.

This is a torrent site and is a library that consists of thousands of movies. These movies are from every genre that exists.

3. 123 Gostream

This is quite a user-friendly website according to its current users. Other than consisting of a huge amount of movies across many genres, the main industries that it mentions quite a lot on its website are Bollywood, Punjabi, and Hollywood.

There are also dual audio options in most of the content available on this website.

4. Megabox HD

This is one of the websites that provide the user with one of the most amount of features. This consists of a huge library that is filled with thousands of movies, tv shows, and web series. This is integrated well to work on the screens of different devices. It also provides the user with the ability to see any movie on their desired resolution formats, 360p, 720p, and 1080p.

5. 1337X movies 

1337X movies rank at one of the top places when the list is about the best free websites to watch a movie on. One of its major cons is that it commonly suffers server problems which make this site inaccessible for some time. But this website is great for anyone, whether you like old movies or the latest ones.

6. AZ movie 

Make sure to remember this website’s name as this can provide you with any movie that you can think of as it has one of the biggest movie libraries among every other of its competitors.

7. MovieWatcher 

This is one of the websites that is continuously increasing its audience count due to its interesting collection of movies, tv shows, and webs series. 

8. Stream Likers

 This website consists of movies from countries like the US, India, Japan, Ireland, and the UK, and many others. It also provides decent subtitles.

9. C123 Movies

This website is known for providing content in high-resolution along with its vast library that consists of many old and new movies.

10. Retrovision

As suggested by the name, this website is for those who love watching retro movies at great resolutions. It is a great choice for many other genres too.

11. Hulu

Hulu is indeed a paid service for entertainment but it also foes provide a free trial version to the user before asking them for taking a paid membership.

12. F movies

F movies are the best place to surf the best movies in any genre that exists. Its library is known for only consisting of the best works.

13. Open Culture

Open Culture is for those who love to watch educational content. Its library is no less than the royal class of movie collections.

14. Movie Flixter

This website has a good interface and provides a lot of high-quality content. It also tells a lot of upcoming movies and available movies.

15. House Movie

House movie is a website that is a must for every movie lover due to the services that it provides as well as its library content.

16. Fou Movies

This website consists of content that spans from retro movies to the latest ones. The ability to download movies on your device is also provided by this website.

17. DivX Crawler

This website is for the fans of classic and old movies as it has an impressive set of movies and tv shows that are hard to find anywhere else.

18. YouTube

The movie content of this website is increasing constantly every day. Its user-friendly features are known all around the world and it has one of the best surfing experiences among all of its competitors.

19. My Download Tube

My Download Tube doesn’t just offer great resolution movies for free along with an appropriate surfing experience but it also consists of a huge library of games that anyone can download for free.

20. Viewster

This is the best website for anime lovers in the house. But also offers a great amount of content of other genres too. This website provides the ability to stream their website’s content online or download it on their device, both on their preferred resolutions. This makes it great for you if you want an all-in-one movie solution.

Wrapping Up

Watching movies is a thing that everyone loves to do, but going through the process of finding the right place to download those movies? Not so much. Any of the above-stated websites can be the place for you to go whenever you get the craving of watching a movie. Start with the process of elimination for the websites on the top of this list until you find the website that fits your movie cravings the best.

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