We have been witnessing new marketing techniques and campaigns being executed each year. Many of them turn out to be successful, while some may backfire and harm the company’s image. You can go through books, journals, watch business leaders giving speeches, and read case studies based on marketing campaigns. That will help you gather thoughts around how a marketing campaign should be run, but, for an original idea there is a lot of brainstorming and creativity required. There are tons of ways to introduce a marketing campaign; the execution of it depends on the strategy, budget, and the immediate goals one hopes to achieve with the campaign. If a company is in the initial stages, they must think long and hard as how they will market your product as there is much to lose if the marketing strategy is a dud.

1. Target market-

A company must figure out what their target market would be. It needs to be researched and surveyed as to who will actually buy the product or avail the service when launched. The income, age group, education, and demographics should be figured out of their target market. Email marketing will be the perfect way to inform potential consumers of an upcoming product or service; applications like mailchimp allow the user to send out mass emails on different subjects and its services are free at the starting. A company can also provide freebies at the start for the customers to have an experience and give their feedback on the product or service. Groupon created a website to first know if the users.

2. Social Media-

An entrepreneur needs to connect with people online to make connections with loads of people and share interesting content so the users remember the entrepreneur or company’s name.  There are people on Facebook, Instagram, and other social websites who have a prominent status and are known as influencers; if they find your content interesting, you might be building a very important connection that could help market your product faster and cheaper than any other marketing technique. It is important for a marketer to be aware of the trends online to be able to connect with this tech-savvy generation.

social media

3. Promotional activities-

After you have figured out the target market, it is on you to get the potential consumers to try out your product or service. If you have found out the service gap and look to fulfill it, you will need to give out a few services free of charge in shape of contests to increase popularity and incentives for a person to get free service if he/she refers someone to the product or service.

4. Help your potential consumers-

People always value useful information and tools they can help in need. For example, AmazonPrime gives a 30 day free trial to users so they can stream free shows for viewing, ThanksForTheHelp provides free Turnitin check to students for plagiarism check; these services are of use and cost nothing to the users. It helps in getting the student to engage with the company. These tactics can get a company plenty of customers in return.

5. SEO techniques-

This is one of the most popular techniques used to rank high on web search. People look for services and products online and when they type in what they require; your company’s name should come up. Otherwise, you will be lost in the sea of millions of results that come up. You need to buckle up and work on Search Engine Optimization to make it in the list.

6. Cold calling-

One of the oldest techniques to look for potential customers and sell a product or service. It is still widely used all over the world to interact with people and inform them of a product or service. Also, regarded as one of the best ways to sell a product or service it can be used heavily to search through and make sales of a product. It can also be used to gain data on your potential consumers.

7. Blogging-

Blogs are a great way to curate interest in people regarding a product or service. It should be used to make postings on interesting topics and post great content so viewers flock to your blog. It requires plenty of resources to maintain a blog but mostly what it requires is creativity to keep readers interested. You can then start promoting the company’s product or service after you have built a base.

8. Affiliate programs-

These programs are really useful in promoting a company. You get people to market your brand and make a sale and in turn, you pay the person a definite fee for making the sale. If the incentives are pretty good, it will get more people to be your affiliate and bring in more sales. You will need to be informative and make incentive payments as soon as a customer is brought in, it keeps the affiliate motivated and who knows how far you can get through this program.

affiliate marketing

9. Value addition in services-

It is always nice for a customer if a heavy discount is provided on products or services. The customers get enticed when deals are offered like ‘1+1 free’. It makes for a great marketing campaign and people come in larger numbers when such a deal is on the table.

10. Mobile Marketing-

Each year, more and more people become smartphone users.  A company can use mobile marketing tactics to reach up to potential consumers. Push notifications and SMS marketing is a good form of advertising if you have something really useful to advertise and if you are offering what others aren’t. The key is to focus on your strengths and how you differ from other companies in offering a service.