Windows computers, though they offer high functionality, are notorious for factory-included peripherals. If you want to listen to great music, the in-built speakers on your computer may not deliver. If you want to get the best out of your Windows PC when watching movies, listening to music, or playing games, then you need to start accessorizing it.

The right accessories can convert your PC into an entertainment powerhouse. It may even increase its functionality. You can definitely add value to a budget PC with excellent external hardware.

Buying computer accessories is easy. After all, PC gadgets are everywhere. You can, for example, spend $20 to buy a pair of headphones online. However, if you want to get the best of the setup, it’s important to invest in the right type of PC accessories.

On another note, it’s important to understand when an accessory is compatible with your PC. It may not make much sense to drop a couple of hundred dollars on a speaker set for a Windows laptop that costs just as much.

Refer to this guide to learn about how to accessorize your PC with the right type of equipment. You can find budgeting tips as well.

Focus on the Audio

You might drop a thousand dollars on a new PC, but don’t be surprised if the speakers that come with the computer is subpar. Windows computers are infamous for terrible audio equipment. The first step towards creating an entertainment-focused PC setup is replacing the audio devices.

Invest in a great pair of speakers or headphones or both. Regardless of the audio settings, a good speaker can remarkably improve the audio quality of your computer. There are many options to choose from here. You can aim for a budget range or a high-end speaker set. There are plenty of features to choose from, such as wireless and wired.

If you want to avoid a wire tangle on your desk and keep everything organized, a wireless speaker set is the best way to go. But if you want to prioritize audio quality, a wired set of speakers will do the job. Wireless speakers powered by Bluetooth or USB connections cannot reproduce audio without losing some of the quality. Wired speakers don’t have this issue.

That doesn’t mean you can’t buy a great pair of wireless speakers. There are plenty of highly regarded wireless speakers available in all price ranges. You can even purchase cheap wireless speakers for less than a hundred bucks.

Consider your tastes before choosing the type of speaker you want. If you want to listen to music, you might need to purchase a speaker set with bass production capabilities. There are speakers with subwoofers for PCs, but be aware that these will be expensive.

Ensure that the speaker is highly compatible with your computer. You can tweak audio to your liking using the Control Panel of your computer. But changing the settings would be useless unless you have the type of speaker set that can deliver audio.

If you like privacy and listening closely to audio, go for a pair of headphones. Gamers are better off with headphones with mics than speakers.

Invest in a Great Monitor

An external monitor is a necessity for a desktop and an option for a laptop. If you want to watch movies and video better, you can consider buying an external monitor for your laptop. For your desktop, consider the type of monitor you want.

When buying a monitor, there’s a slew of things to consider. Most buyers want the right size at the right price. But keep in mind that you should also consider factors such as high-def capabilities, the type of screen, and color options available.

There are matte and glossy screens you can purchase. Screens can emanate a considerable glare. If you are choosing an LCD screen, make sure it has blue-light protection. The aspect ratio and the fps rate are also important for choosing the right monitor.

Remember that plugging in a monitor would require an HDMI and, or, a USB cable. Your computer should have the right port to fix the monitor. Don’t forget to check this spec before purchasing what you need.

Monitors are not awfully expensive. Smaller monitors cost less. You can purchase a good PC monitor for a couple of hundred dollars. You can pay a lot more for features like 4k video and 3D capabilities. Before buying a monitor, carefully research all these aspects.

Aim to Buy an Ergonomic External Keyboard and a Mouse

The keyboard and the mouse are possibly the most essential external peripheries your Windows computer could have. Even if you use a laptop, you may find that having an external keyboard and a mouse can make your work life much easier.

Most people don’t check specs when buying these two external accessories for PCs. If the price is reasonable enough, most consumers buy the mouse or keyboard they need. But these little gadgets have important features that could make or break the functionality of your computer rig.

When buying either gadget, make sure the design is ergonomic. That is to say, the devices should be comfortable to physically hold and use. Ergonomic mice and keyboards are designed to reduce health problems like wrist fatigue and muscle stiffness. You should be able to use these devices for a long time without feeling any physical pain.

In addition, look for functionality features. On mice, you may want to consider the DPI and the presence of programmable buttons, especially if you are a gamer. Higher DPI is not essential for performance, but it could make a big difference for heavy gamers.

With keyboards, you may want to consider whether you want a mechanical keyboard. These are the most reliable. Keyboards that are sleekly designed, with keys that are clearly separate, are much easier to use and clean afterward.

Improve the Gaming Experience with External Controllers

Gamers can definitely add even more functionality to a PC with external controllers. There are PlayStation or Xbox style controllers that can be connected to your PC via a USB port. You can also buy controllers shaped like steering wheels or air guns to play different types of games.

External gaming controllers are fun, but you have to keep in mind that these gadgets are only compatible with certain games. For example, if you buy a steering wheel controller, it would only be compatible with racing games that support external controllers. Some PC games are strictly keyboard and mouse only. Therefore, spend your money wisely.

Add VR Capability

Convert your boring PC rig to a futuristic entertainment and gaming hub with a VR device. Virtual reality is the much-anticipated next upgrade in everything from gaming to medicine. Most VR goggles are intended for mobile devices, but there are plenty available for your PC as well.

Unlike VR headsets for smartphones, the same gadgets for PCs are expensive. A budget-range PC CR headset starts around $400. Most cost near $1,000. It’s expensive, but if you really want to play VR games, the investment will be worthwhile.

VR headsets are only compatible with games and other content designed for the VR experience. As more games add this functionality, you too will be able to enjoy this feature with a VR headset for PC.

Don’t Forget the Computer Chair

When we consider computer accessories, we mostly think of external hardware. But there’s another important accessory your PC needs to reach its full potential—the chair.

Considering the fact that most of us spend hours on end seated at a computer, the chair we use can contribute a lot to the experience. An uncomfortable chair would leave you stiff and sore. Therefore, investing in a great chair would remarkably improve your PC rig.

Buy a chair that you can easily adjust to any height so you can see the monitor without having to strain your neck. A computer chair with a backseat to lean back against is important, as this helps you maintain proper posture.

A good computer chair would definitely make you feel more comfortable when watching movies or playing games. Therefore, don’t ignore this when buying stuff for your PC.

Organize with a USB Hub

Do you have a bunch of gadgets for your PC that require a USB connection? There are only a handful of ports per PC. You may not be able to plug in more than two or three USB devices. You will be able to plug in more with a USB hub.

These little gadgets allow you to connect half a dozen or more USB devices to your computer. The gadget itself uses only one port to connect to the computer. It’s like extending a single USB port to multiple ports. That’s why a USB hub is one of the best accessories you could buy for your Windows computer.

The above gadgets are easy to find online. Follow these tips to buy the best devices you can afford. You can definitely improve the functionality as well as the entertainment value of your PC setup with any of the above-mentioned accessories.