Smartphones, wireless printers, notebooks, Internet Of Things (IoT) and WIFI have transformed the way we accomplish tasks. From simple everyday chores to more complex business operations, we need the help of technology to stay ahead of the competition. With the breakthrough trends in wireless technology over the years, there has been a poignant impact on our lifestyles and some key areas. A few of these include healthcare, business communications, environment protection and community welfare. Take a look at how wireless technology is changing our lives for the better.

Shaping Up A Better Community

From wireless devices that allow us to manage our electronic appliances like microwave ovens, TVs, and Air conditioners, automobiles and communication gadgets to technologies that promote effective interaction (like WiFi and sensor networks that help keep us safe from criminals), wireless technology has been pivotal in making our lives easy and comfortable. Law enforcement firms are making use of aerial drones, surveillance equipment, and biometric devices to identify criminals and handle crime. The social media helps bring communities together and shape up paradigms for a better, more connected world.


Business Communications

Enterprises thrive on the use of wireless technology especially with wireless printers, specialized networking devices like Belkin routers. The high-tech devices have made business operations more seamless & efficient. According to statistics, 38% of the U.S. labor market’s growth during the 2000 – 2006 tenure was mainly attributed to communicating through wireless means. Startups and large organizations widely use wireless tech to promote their merchandise and increase their brand value through interactive trade shows that are facilitated by professional firms like Expo marketing.


The use of WiFi has enabled healthcare sector to utilize wayfinding tools, e-solutions like purple and real-time location services to quickly provide medical care to the deserving patients in the right location. Most of the medical equipment like smart beds, oxygen monitoring gadgets, infusion pumps and testing tools use wireless technology. Some of the vital & mission critical applications like MRI machines, X-rays and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) also rely on wireless means helping step up the quality of healthcare including timely and dedicated patient care.


Environment Protection

Wireless technology has had a significant impact on environment protection opening a whole new world of opportunities. As per reports from, the use of smartphones and wireless devices to monitor the behavioral patterns and movement of different endangered wildlife species has led to the officials being more empowered in the ways they can protect these species. There have been various conservation campaigns and text message programs initiated by environmental protection agencies to help raise awareness regarding the safety of such species. These campaigns have proven to be more useful in drawing a response from the community compared to the many email campaigns organized in the past.

Connected Smart Cities

Through recent advancements in the Internet of Things, IoT, entire cities are being connected under the smart cities concept that aims at providing more facilities and amenities to citizens. With this thought, cities are seen incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies such as Purple to generate large amounts of data that can be effectively used by planners to make improvements to the infrastructure, services and different industries. With the development of connected cities, citizens can easily access internet, important information and digital services anywhere in the world.

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