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Explore the World of Super Mario Games

These classic retro games are all about collecting golden coins, breaking bricks, and shooting with guns. Nowadays, there are dozens of Mario games from the classic arcade games available online. Whether you prefer the traditional platforming Super Mario games or you would like to experience something new, we have the listing of games to try something new.

Unfair Mario

Playing the game Unfair Mario is very precise. Nothing is as it looks like on the screen when you do your best to avoid all of the never-ending traps to get the final flag. The suggested unfair title of the game is very accurate. The game looks like the traditional Mario game, but the number of traps is really countless. Some players have an exciting time playing this game, while others give up too quickly. They just can’t bare the unfairness of the game. Prepare yourself to be fearless if you want to progress through the game while getting plummeted, poked, and to death. The game Unfair Mario is just the same as any other Mario type game. You will jump out of the way to find yourself dying over and over again. The graphics are the same as other 2D platformer games. Even do not try to skip the game Unfair Mario, because it is fun and highly addictive. It is challenging and frustrating at the same time. You can have exciting and challenging contests with your friends and check who will be loose the most. That is why Unfair Mario game is at the top of our listing.

Super Mario Rampage

Discover another cool Mario game called Super Mario Rampage. In this game, the main character meets Grand Theft Auto. You will enjoy playing as Mario. Prepare yourself to go through each board firing a gun on your cruel and vicious enemies. Unfortunately, it is not possible to control the speed at which Mario walks, but you can quickly aim and shoot all the targets before they approach you too close.

Super Mario Rush Arena

The most exciting thing about the game Super Mario Rush Arena is that all the enemies are dropped into the board. You just have to kill them as fast as possible. The best what you can do is to jump on them and shoot just like in other popular Super Mario games. Once all your cruel enemies are killed, you advance to a higher level. The number of enemies is shown at the top of the screen.

Mario Lost in Space

The game Mario Lost in Space offers you to fly around the board as the main character Mario. This time the principal goal is to land on a vast platform without crashing into it. There are many other obstacles to come across are waiting for you. Every level becomes more challenging, of course, as the game goes on.

Super Mario World Hardcore

The game Super Mario World Hardcore is very similar to Mario Rampage. It allows the players to walk around with a gun. So if you enjoy shooting, this game a perfect match. You will have to blast all the bad guys in Super Mario World Hardcore. You will do ninja somersaults. Isn’t it entertaining?

Explore a classic Mario world and how it gets transformed with modern technology!

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