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This post is all about Norton antivirus. Norton Has Many Models Of protection Like Norton Antivirus, Norton 360 premium, Norton Security Premium etc.

In This Guide, we Will explain how to activate the Norton Antivirus In Simple Steps. Let’s Get Started And talk about things that we need to set up Norton antivirus.

Norton Activation Key –

whenever you buy Norton antivirus online Norton will send you  A 25 digit activation code at your email address. In Many Cases when you buy Norton antivirus From Local Store Or Best Buy Store They give you a retail card.

This Retail Card Contains 25 Digit unique Activation code that will help you to Redeem the Norton antivirus. Once Activated You Can Create the Norton account Account and get the product downloaded.

norton activation key

Norton Account – www.norton.com/setup

we need a Norton account to download the Norton antivirus . in order to create a Norton account, all you need is an email address. Sign up for a Norton account using your email address.

Sign up Norton Here Norton Antivirus Account Once You Understand All This Lets Go And Activate the Norton Antivirus.

Activating Norton Antivirus –

In Order to Redeem and Activate the Norton antivirus Please Follow these steps –

login norton account
  • Open your Internet Browser and type www.norton.com/setup Or You Can Follow this Link to Redeem the Norton Antivirus Visit https://my.norton.com/home/setup
  • Now Login With Your Norton  Account if you have already Created One Or Else Just sign up with a new Norton antivirus using your email address.
  • Once Logged in you can Redeem your 25 digit activation Code that you have.
  • Now you can go to your My Norton And Download Your Norton Antivirus Product.

Installing Norton Antivirus –

  • Once you download the Norton Please run the Norton setup and extract the file.
  • Now Please Follow the Steps Given by Norton Installation And setup the Norton antivirus.
  • After installation Please Don’t Forget to update the antivirus And restart the machine.

Congrats you Norton Antivirus has been installed Now you run the Program.

Let Us Know If You need any other help to Setup Norton Or Finding  www.norton.com/setup. We Thank You For reading And Hope this did help you to activate and setup Norton antivirus.

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