X-Box 360 gaming console is not Turning On
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Why X-Box 360 gaming console is not Turning On ?

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Gaming consoles manufactured by Microsoft are put under the X-Box series. Now X-Box is a brand in itself. The X-Box 360 is the successor to the original Xbox.

The Xbox 360 was launched in 2005 and was officially available for sale till 2016. The Xbox 360 was placed against the PlayStation 3 and Wii from Sony and Nintendo respectively.

Why X-box won’t turn on –

Mostly these consoles were popular between teenage children and you know after a hard day of studying whole day these kids play these games to get relaxed.

But if due to some issue or error the Xbox 360 fails to turn on, and you are not getting any signs of life in the console then you will be dumbstruck on what to do, but today we are here to help you out in this type of situation.

Tip 1.

Check Power Supply –

x-box won't turn on

  • Turn off the console from the main supply
  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the console
  • Unplug the cord from the power brick and even the electrical outlet.
  • Plug the Power chord and electricity brick again to the Console.
  • Try turning the Xbox 360 on.
  • Check the lights to troubleshoot.

Tip 2.

What Say Notification Light?

Notification Light of xbox

Solid Green or solid Orange on the notification lights: The power supply is fine, but still if your Xbox 360 doesn’t turn on then follow the following steps.

  • Press the eject button
  • Now try to turn the Xbox 360 on if it comes on then your faceplate is preventing the Xbox360 from turning on.
  • Now you have to look if the switches and connections on the faceplate are broken if they are then you will have to replace the faceplate of the Xbox 360 device.

Tip 3-

LED lights flashing Orange or Solid Red

Notification Light of xbox

  • Plug Your console in different power Supply.
  • If it is still red, then plug the Xbox 360 out and let it cool down for 30 mins.
  • If it still doesn’t work, then it needs to be replaced.

There are many other ways a Xbox 360 can have a startup problem, but these were some of the most common problems and their solution to troubleshoot them.

We can quickly perform these troubleshooting steps while rest of the solutions to the problems are hard and requires help from a technician, hence will recommend you to visit a service center for better service.

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