How to fix an Epson error code 0x97?

Epson is one of the most renowned printer sellers. But as good as it makes its printers, they are still machines and still have inefficiencies. The users often get to experience these inefficiencies themselves when an error code is displayed to them. These error codes are of many various types. One of the most common ones is error code 0x97.

The error code 0x97 is displayed to the user when the printer stops working instantly. This is one of the error codes that does not notify the user even once before the printer stops working. This mainly occurs in many of Epson’s printer models such as WF-3640, WF-4630, and WF-7610 of the Epson WorkForce production series.


Cause of the Epson error code 0x97

A user receives the error code 0x97 usually when there is a malfunction or issue caused in the internal hardware component. The main cause that is noted the most among the users of the Epson WorkForce series is that a component of the hardware, mainly the motherboard of the printer stops working.

even if something like this happens that gives you an Epson Support error code 0x97, there is no necessity to panic as it can be easily solved. Keep reading this article to know-how.

Ways to fix the Epson error code 0x97

It is quite simple to fix the issue that is causing your printer to display error code 0x97 as it is caused to the hardware components of it. If followed properly, these simple ways can easily fix your printer’s malfunction-causing components. The ways to fix your printer and get the ease of this error code are as follows:

Disconnect everything:

Before getting further in the process of getting rid of the error code, make sure you cancel all the printing tasks and remove all the things that are connected to the printer. This can help in a big way depending upon the reason for your error code output.

The things that should be disconnected are cable wires, power cords, ink cartridges, and USB cords too. Now, all that you have to do is press and hold the power button of the printer for 1 minute so that it gets reset.

Then plug back all the connections and the ink cartridges in their right slots. After that, push the power button to turn on the printer for the test run, to see whether or not it is working. If the printer still displays the same error code, then go on to the next method.

Reset the Printer

This method is quite similar to the one before it. All we have to do is something that we did in the previous method, but with a little twist.

This time too, unplug everything from the printer and press the power button for one minute. Then, while keeping the button pressed, plug everything back in.

you might need someone else’s assistance for this process. Then press the power button for another one minute and release. Make the test run again. If the system still displays the error code 0x97, then your system might need the help of the next step.

Clean its print head

This is the step that fixes the problem most of the time. This is the method used when the culprit behind the appearance of this error code is a dirty print head.

The printhead can be the cause of such a problem when there is dust or any foreign material stuck on its sensitive layer.

Cleaning it thoroughly with the help of a towel dipped in hot water can be found effective. The cleaning should be done very carefully as the printhead can get broken very easily due to its sensitivity. This should stop the occurrence of the error code 0x97.

do check other steps if your printer gets offline or has any other trouble.

The last step

When all the above-specified methods do not make the error code 0x97 go away, then it seems like you this will be the time for you to pull out your Epson printer’s warranty card.

It will be best to contact Epson’s help center to tell them about your problem and receive their troubleshooting advice. When those don’t work, then you should ask the company for a replacement as the printer would no longer be in an operational state.

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