How to Get the Most Out of a Macbook While Working?

Have you purchased a new MacBook for work and are eager to make the most out of it right away? If so, you will need to familiarize yourself with the computer, particularly if you used Windows OS before.

Some Mac owners can afford to learn the ins and outs of a new laptop at their own pace, but if you are in a different boat and cannot wait because of work, taking a proactive approach is the way to go.

Thankfully, mastering a Mac is not that difficult if you dedicate some of your time to it. Ultimately, the more you use the computer, the more comfortable you become, but there are ways to speed up the process. And this article will discuss those ways.

Check the App Store

You can increase your productivity by checking the official Apple App Store. There are bound to be some applications that will increase your work efficiency. For example, maybe you have problems keeping track of time and could use a tool like Toggl.

Or maybe you would like to detail your work and take notes and store important documents as well as sync the information on multiple devices, not just your MacBook? Evernote is a great option for such needs, though you could also use an Evernote alternative like NotePlan or Google Keep.

Use Built-in Tools

Besides the official App Store, you should also remember that macOS comes with a decent amount of built-in tools. Spotlight is one of the best examples as it lets you search files, convert units, do math calculations, and browse the latest news without opening a separate internet browser tab.

iMovie is great for those who want to edit simple videos, whereas Keynote lets you create presentations with elements like animations or charts.

Of course, for some, these built-in tools may not necessarily be that useful, but you should still keep an eye in case you need to get something done on a MacBook that these apps let you do.

Keep Tabs on Mac’s Performance

At first, there should be no problems with the overall MacBook performance. However, if you are not careful and neglect to take proper care of the computer, you will run into issues like random crashes, restarts, freezes, poor battery lifespan, and just sluggish performance in general.

To keep the MacBook in good condition, you will need to clean the dust inside it regularly, free up enough drive space, install OS updates at your earliest convenience, keep tabs on background processes in the Activity Monitor, and scan the system for potential malware attacks.

Even a minor inconvenience might snowball and leave you with a poorly performing computer which will be a significant hindrance to work productivity.

Disable Distractions

While the number of distractions on a MacBook is not that high, you should still eliminate them to avoid potential disruptions to your workflow.

For example, you would be better off keeping entertainment shortcuts away from the Dock and the MacBook’s desktop. Seeing a video game may tempt you to launch it and spend some time playing the game instead of doing your work.

Notifications that come in unexpectedly are also a problem. If you are bombarded by reminders about installing an update as well as other notifications, go to the Notification Center and enable the Do Not Disturb mode.

Listen to Music

music listen on mac

You may find that listening to music is a good way to improve productivity. The day goes by faster when there is background noise. If music is not something that would get in the way of your work, then get Spotify or another music service and create a playlist that will brighten your mood and help with work.

Memorize Relevant Keyboard Shortcuts

The MacBook’s keyboard shortcuts are different from Windows. It will take a while to memorize new sequences, but the sooner you do, the sooner you can use the MacBook more optimally.

The keyboard shortcut list is available on the official Apple support site. You will find every available sequence and can prioritize the ones you need to memorize first.

Dictate Instead of Typing

It may be a bit unusual to use the dictation feature instead of typing the text on your keyboard at first. However, if you wish to rest your fingers and use the voice instead, go to the System Preferences, click on the Keyboard pane, and select Dictation. There, enable the feature and try it for yourself to see whether it helps or not.

Customize Home Screen

The last bit of advice is about customizing the MacBook’s home screen. While not necessarily significant, having a neatly looking desktop could also be a nice addition. For starters, make sure that the desktop is clutter-free for optimal performance and fewer distractions.

Finally, if you wish, change the Dock location to either have it on the left or right side of the screen instead of the bottom

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