Top AI and Blockchain Projects to Watch During the Crypto Bull Run

The crypto market has been roaring back to life lately. After a long winter, the bulls are finally taking control again. And with this renewed momentum, all sorts of new and exciting projects are starting to emerge.

One area that is really heating up is the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. By combining the powerful number-crunching capabilities of AI with the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain, a whole new breed of innovative applications is being unleashed.

In this post, we’ll examine some of the most promising AI and blockchain projects worth watching during this crypto bull run. These cutting-edge platforms have the potential to revolutionize industries and reshape how we think about technology.

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Decentralized AI Powerhouses

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Arbius is developing AUIS, a decentralized AI cloud computing platform fueled by blockchain. Their ambitious goal? Providing a secure, transparent environment for training and deploying AI models at a massive scale, tapping into underutilized computing resources from a global network.

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AGC ($AGC) –

Not to be outdone, Devolved AI is building a decentralized AI cloud of its own. Their AGC token incentivizes users to contribute idle computing power, which is then harnessed to train and run large-scale AI models in a distributed fashion. It’s like crypto mining, but for AI.

Enhancing Privacy and Security

Top AI and Blockchain Projects


In the realm of blockchain security, OPSEC is leading the charge. Their AI engine analyzes smart contract code, detecting vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors before they can be exploited. This bolsters the reliability and security of blockchain networks.


Alephium is pioneering what they call the first “AI blockchain” – a decentralized platform capable of executing AI applications and machine learning models directly on-chain. Their unique architecture enables AI services to run with data privacy and secure multi-party computation.

Revolutionizing Healthcare and Research

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With a focus on healthcare, MONAI is an open-source framework tailored for building AI models for medical imaging analysis. Their platform is designed to be secure, privacy-preserving, and capable of running on decentralized infrastructure, making AI more accessible in healthcare settings.


Z1 Labs is tackling the critical issue of bias in AI systems. Their DEAI token powers a decentralized network for training unbiased AI models using encrypted data from multiple sources. This could lead to fairer and more ethical AI deployments across industries.

There’s much more to explore in this rapidly evolving space, but let’s pause for a breather before delving into the next wave of projects…

Cutting-Edge AI + Blockchain Platforms

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Mazze is building a decentralized knowledge base powered by AI, blockchain, and crowdsourcing. The goal? Creating a massive repository of transparent, verifiable information that continuously evolves, addressing challenges around traditional AI training data.

KAI ($KAI) –

The insatiable computing demands of artificial intelligence and scientific simulations have given rise to Komput’s ambitious KAI project. KAI aims to create a global decentralized supercomputer by tapping into an immense pool of underutilized devices worldwide.

From laptops and desktops to servers and cloud instances, KAI incentivizes contributors to lend their idle computing cycles in exchange for the project’s KAI token. This distributed computing power is then aggregated into a massively parallel system capable of tackling enormously complex workloads like training cutting-edge AI models or running high-fidelity simulations. By decentralizing this computing infrastructure, KAI provides a more scalable, resilient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional centralized supercomputing facilities.

FJO ($FJO) –

Fjord Foundry has developed FJO, an “AI blockchain operating system” that allows AI models to be deployed and executed within a secure, decentralized environment, seamlessly connecting to blockchain data and smart contracts.


Boden is tackling one of the most consequential challenges in modern democracy – ensuring the accuracy and integrity of election polling and forecasting. Their ambitious platform leverages the combined power of AI and blockchain technology to shed new light on this critical process.

At its core, Boden has created an incentivized network powered by the BODEN token. This network incentivizes data contributors to provide a broad range of polling data inputs, which are then used to train AI models for forecasting election outcomes. By distributing the model training process and tapping into diverse data sources, Boden aims to reduce bias and increase the transparency of these forecasts. The blockchain underpinnings ensure data integrity and audibility throughout. If successful, Boden’s approach could restore faith in election predictions and illuminate the true will of the electorate.

AGI ($AGI) –

Of all the ambitious projects in the AI and blockchain space, Delysium’s AGI initiative may be the most audacious. Their moonshot goal? Developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) – an AI system with human-level intelligence that can reason, learn, and solve problems across any domain.

But Delysium isn’t just striving to create AGI, they are doing it through a novel decentralized approach guided by blockchain principles. By leveraging distributed computing power, cryptographic techniques, and game-theoretic models, they aim to overcome the technical and ethical challenges of centralized AGI development.

If successful, Delysium’s decentralized AGI could be a paradigm-shifting breakthrough. It would herald a new era of super-intelligent AI capabilities, while maintaining robust safeguards against the potential risks. Of course, achieving this technological feat is easier said than done. But the tantalizing prospect of ethical, decentralized AGI is driving this ambitious project forward at full speed.

The Possibilities Are Boundless

As this whirlwind tour demonstrates, the convergence of AI and blockchain is spawning a tidal wave of innovation and disruption. From decentralized cloud computing platforms to unbiased federated learning systems to blockchain-native AI models, these projects are charting an ambitious new course.

Not all will succeed, of course – that’s the nature of such a fast-paced, experimental domain. However, those that do could profoundly impact how we interact with and leverage technology in the years to come.

The current crypto bull run has injected significant capital and momentum into the market, catalyzing rapid development and experimentation within this burgeoning AI + blockchain space. It’s an exhilarating era brimming with possibilities that could shape our collective future in profound ways.


While this post merely scratches the surface, one thing is clear: the fusion of AI and blockchain is an area worthy of close attention. The projects and platforms that crack this convergence code could very well redefine what’s possible across countless sectors and industries.

As this space continues to evolve at a blistering pace, staying informed about the latest developments and promising upstarts will be crucial. The innovations taking shape today could soon become the foundational technologies powering tomorrow’s world.

So keep your eyes peeled and your mind open – the AI + blockchain revolution is already underway, and its potential impacts are just starting to come into focus. Exciting times lie ahead for those willing to embrace this transformative convergence.

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