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How to setup Belkin Range Extender?

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Have you ever needed to Extend the strength & Signal Quality of your Home? If yes then the Belkin Range extender is one of the Best Tools to Get. Belkin Range Extender Helps You Increase the Range & The Signal Quality of your existing wireless Router Network.

With the Right Steps, You Can setup Belkin Range Extender In Just 5 Minutes. Belkin extender is a Plug & Play device that is Easy to Install & set up.

Note -In our Previous Post we have also given you clear steps that You can use to set up a Belkin router with a Modem. Before you jump to set up the extender make sure the main router is configured and working.

Today in this Post Learn how you Can Install the Belkin extender using the Web Console at https://belkin.range

Some of the Best Belkin extenders are Belkin n300, n600, Belkin Ac Series, Or Belkin f9k Series

http://belkin.range is a local web host provided by Belkin for its users to install & configure Belkin extenders. it can be accessed only when you are connected to a Belkin extender using Wired Or Wireless.

Setup Belkin Range Extender

Note – You Can Setup Belkin Extender With almost any Brand Of Router Or Wireless internet Modem using the Exact Same Steps.

Tips – Use a laptop to Install the Belkin Range extender However you can use Any Smartphone, Tablet, Or Device With Full Browser & Wireless Capability to Set up Belkin Extender.

  • First Please Unbox Your Belkin Range Extender And Plug It into the Power Outlet Near Your Main Wireless Router.
setup Belkin Range
belkin extender
  • You Really Don’t Need to Connect Your Computer to Belkin Range extender With an Internet Cable. Just Go to Your Computer and Look for available Networks.
  • List of the available networks network list
  • As Soon As You Plugged Your Extender Into Power Outlet You Will Get an Extra Wireless Network name ( Belkin.setup ) On Your Computer Network List.
  • Belkin.setup a network List on the laptop.
  • Please Connect With Unsecured Belkin.setup Network. (You Can setup a Password & Secure It During Installation)
  • Now Open The Browser & Go to the Belkin Extender setup Page using http://belkin.range & Then Install And Configure Belkin Range Extender.
  • Now Your Range Extender Will Search For Network Name which is In the Range Of Your Extender
  • Select The Network Name that You Want to Extend And Click On Next.
choose wifi network
connect existing network
  • search network for Extender Belkin extender network list
  • It May Asks For Network Key (Router password) Please Type Your Wireless Router Password and Click Next.
  • Belkin extender Password Belkin extender Connection Password
  • Now Verify Everything And Click On Create Extended Network.
extend wifi network
create extended network
  • create an extended network
  • Please Restart Your Router And Extender and Wait For 1 minute then Place Your Extender Where Your Signal is a Week From Your Router.
Restart Router
restart router

Note – Make sure You place The extender With In 40-50 Meters from Your Router. Depending On Your main Router Range

Congrats, Now You Can Connect To Your New Extended Wireless Network & that is How you Configure the Belkin Range extender With http//belkin.range

Troubleshoot Belkin Extender Default Ip

Friends If  http//belkin.range Did Not Work & You are unable to access Belkin extender Console Please go to  and Click On Get Started. (Make Sure Router And Extender are Turned ON)

Guys If This Did Not Work then I Must Suggest You Reset Belkin Extender & Try to Reconfigure it Again. if there are further issues you can troubleshoot Belkin range extender in easy steps.

Reset Belkin Range Extender

Friends, To Reset Settings In Your Belkin Range Extender You Need to Follow these Steps –

  • Power On Your Belkin Range Extender.
  • Carefully Look at the Back Of Your Extender There Must be a Reset Key at the Back of Your extender.
  • Please Press The Reset Key Using Paperclip Or Pen And Hold For Like 20-30 Seconds.
  • Now Release The Reset Key and Restart The Range Extender.
Reset belkin range extender
reset belkin extender

Now You Can Setup The Range Extender Again By Given Steps Above.

These Steps Should have Solved the Problems For Your Belkin Extender But For More Belkin Extender Troubleshooting Please Visit Another Helpful Guide on the Matter.

Please Comment Below And Let Us Know If You Need any Other Help to Setup Belkin Range Extender.

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