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installing and setting up antivirus software on a computer is no easy task for someone who doesn’t know the technical details and requirements of the software. today in this post we help you perform Norton setup on your computer or phone using the web address.

Norton Has Many Models Of protection Like Norton Antivirus, Norton 360 Premium, Norton Security Premium, etc. The installation process is pretty much similar for all devices. Let’s Get Started And talk about things that we need to set up Norton antivirus.

How to Perform Norton Setup?

for any successful and error-free installation, you need to follow the details carefully. Norton setup is done in multiple methods such as –

  • Pre-installtion Prepration
  • Norton Product Activation
  • Download the software and installation
  • Update the Product and run the full scan

Now we know what we have to do please follow the steps carefully until last to get the product to activate.

Norton Pre-installation Settings

  • Remove any third-party antivirus software from the system, also remove different or older versions of the Norton antivirus.
  • use an antivirus removal tool to remove any browser extension or leftover files of the last antivirus software.
  • restart the computer and let it refresh the settings.
  • if you have purchased the Norton from the store then you should have a retail card with an activation code.
Norton email

if the product was purchased online do check out the email that you used at the time of purchase. you will have a confirmation email along with a Norton activation code. in the next step, you learn to activate the product. do check out for more details.

This Retail Card Contains 25 Digit unique Activation codes that will help you to Redeem the Norton antivirus. Once Activated You Can Create the Norton account Account and get the product downloaded.

norton setup with product key

What is is a web address provided by Norton to help you activate Norton’s antivirus software. when you are new to Norton before you download the product you must activate and redeem the Norton action code and this website help you just do that.

In Order to Redeem and Activate the Norton antivirus Please Follow these steps –

How to Activate Norton Antivirus?

we recommend using a computer with a full browser like google chrome, firefox, or safari for the activation. if you have a multi-device subscription then after the activation you will be able to download the software on other mobile devices. Please follow-
  • Open your Internet Browser and type at the top of the browser and press Enter Or You Can Follow this Link to Redeem the Norton Antivirus and activate the product Visit
  • Now Login With Your Norton Account if you have already Created One Or Else Just sign up with a new Norton antivirus using your email address. Once Logged in you can Redeem the 25-digit Activation Code that you have.

Now you can go to your My Norton And Download Your Norton Antivirus Product. if you need any more help with Norton setup please watch the video for guidance.

Installing Norton Antivirus

Once you download the Norton Please run the Norton setup and extract the file. Now Please Follow the Steps Given by Norton Installation And set up the Norton antivirus.

download norton antivirus
  • run the downloaded program and allow the program to be installed into the computer.
  • agree to the terms and condition agreement and follow onscreen instructions to select the language
  • After installation Please Don’t Forget to update the antivirus And restart the machine.
  • run a full scan to rid of any virus from the system and apply the recommendation.
  • adjust Norton settings from the user interface of your Norton unit.

Congrats Norton Antivirus has been installed Now you run the Program. Let Us Know If You need any other help to set up Norton Or Find

if you fail to activate or set up the Norton product please uninstall Norton using the simple steps and start over the activation process from start.

in case you need to cancel Norton subscription please do check out one of our guides for help.

We Thank You For Reading And Hope this did help you to activate and set up Norton antivirus.

Thanks, And Good Luck.

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