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How to Fix Norton Error 3039 1 Security Error?

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getting errors on antivirus will cause trouble for your system and antivirus errors are a way for software to tell users about the problem. if you have Norton error 3039 1 with error codes then this is just the guide you need to fix the problem and get the antivirus working again.

its important to first understand the problem and then apply the fix recommended to resolve the error.

What is Norton error 3039 1?

this error is mostly caused due to software conflict or the system not supporting the antivirus environment. this error will cause Norton antivirus to stop working and may cause system freezing and slow down on the computer.

to solve this problem you must follow some easy methods to get the antivirus working again.

How to Fix Norton error 3039 1?

now the first thing you need to do is to quit the Norton software from the user interface. close down all windows and restart the computer and give it a minute to refresh the settings and boot up.

  • Go to the computer and under the control panel find the list of all programs and software installed
  • Remove any unwanted software from the computer one by one and restart the computer.

Now once you have removed programs please go to the task manager and manage the startup programs.

  • Press the Windows + R Keys together on the keyboard of your windows machine.
  • you will see the run box at the left bottom of the screen
  • Empty the box and type taskmgr and press ok
  • Now a task manager box will Show up please select any program you don’t to auto-restart upon computer startup and disable it.
norton startup
  • now restart the computer and see if the error has been resolve.

Uninstall Norton And Reinstall it

uninstall norton

now go to the computer program list and select your version of the Norton antivirus. use the Norton removal tool is required to remove Norton antivirus from the computer.

after you have removed the program please login into your account and download the latest Norton software to start the setup process. run the programs to start the norton setup using easy steps.

once you have reinstalled the software, please update the Norton to the latest version and this should fix the problem. here is what the Norton support community has to say about it.

Out of the Box truth

if your computer has 2GB or less Ram memory then it’s quite possible your system may freeze from time to time. the Norton is not very heavy software but it takes its toll on the system.

please make sure that your system specification is above the Norton software requirement. Please cancel norton subscription if you need to until you have a better version of the computer.

Please comment below if you need any other help with Norton’s antivirus software.

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