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Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Description: Modern students have the luxury of relying on applications in so many tasks. These are the top five applications every student should have on their smartphone

Being a student means juggling many things at once. A student has to keep up with all their classes and homework while also having time for social and personal life.

It’s not an easy trick to master so young in life. Fortunately, all students can count on help from the digital world. Indeed, each year, the digital market offers us more and more help to cope with everyday tasks and school needs. 

These days, students can’t even imagine how they’d do without a bunch of great apps on their phones. Do you wonder what those are? Well, here are the top five best apps every student should use. 

Grammarly for every student


Most students know Grammarly pretty well. In fact, it’s puzzling what people would do without it. One can use this program as a browser extension, a desktop application, a website, or a keyboard app. Regardless of how you use it, the function of this program and its final goals remain the same. Grammarly strives to perfect each paper that comes its way. The program can proofread, edit, offer writing suggestions, and detect plagiarism. Most of these functions can also be done for free. 

Overall, Grammarly Checker is a perfect writing tool for students. This software helps young people to make the final touches across the paper, reducing any chances of grammar errors, poor structure, or wrong wording. An upgraded Grammarly version can also help achieve perfect clarity and style.

Of course, you can always look for the best research paper writing service online when needed. After all, Grammarly can only help you adjust your essays or build a better understanding of the editing process. Yet, the whole writing/research work is still solely on you here. Still, the type of help students receive with this program (for free!) is priceless.


Everything is in the name here. Freedom is a popular blocking app that helps students concentrate on their tasks. Thus, you can adjust the settings in the app to block any distractions on your way to success. Freedom can work on any mobile platform, Windows and MacOS. So you can use it on both computers and smartphones. Moreover, it can work on all these platforms at the same time, so you have no way to cheat the system. 

The work here is simple. You choose sites or applications you don’t need for studying and block them for certain periods. You won’t be able to access them or receive any notifications. Once the time is up, you can enter those pages as usual. Hopefully, by the time it happens, you already have your homework done. 


every student

There are various Pomodoro apps for everyone’s liking. Yet, they all pursue a single purpose. That is to help you organize your study time and maintain focus and energy even throughout long study sessions. Now, the Pomodoro Technique achieves such goals by simply balancing productive time and breaks. So, the idea behind it is to take frequent, short breaks every 25 minutes or so. 

Thus, you have a timer set on 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest for two sessions straight. After an hour of such work, you have a longer break of 15 minutes. Of course, the time periods can be adjusted to your preferences and needs. You can also break down your activities by labeling them or setting different categories. Most apps also produce weekly or monthly reports of your progress. 

Such a strategy helps students maintain high alertness and concentration while also having a sense of time and a study plan. The timer both rewards them with breaks and motivates them to stay efficient and not procrastinate.


Forest is similar to the Pomodoro timer which helps students stay focused on their tasks and deal with various time-sensitive projects. In short, this app helps students build self-discipline and motivates them to stay on task for the agreed period of time. So how does the app achieve it? Well, the application shows you a tree that you can build for staying on the timer. 

Thus, you set a timer and choose a tree you want to build. You leave the phone alone while you study. Once you take a phone and open anything else but Forest, your tree dies. It’s a pleasant and effective visual of your study progress. In addition, the app creators actually contribute money to planting real forests. So, by using this app and keeping your progress high, you, too, contribute to the forestation of the planet. 


Students have a lot on their plates. They have classes, personal life, homework, extracurricular activities, work, and more. Of course, it’s hard to keep up with all those tasks. Such work requires good time management and organizational skills. Or students may simply use ToDoist to help them plan everything they have. 

Indeed, this app is a perfect student helper. It can organize one’s day and tasks in perfect order. It can also set reminders for each activity, repeat tasks on set days, and keep a history of your achievements. In addition, students can use this app to make long-term plans, set urgent to-do lists, or break down all their plans into separate lists and categories. Overall, it’s a perfect tool for managing all your activities and being a step ahead of all your plans. 

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