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How to Reset Netgear router to Factory default?

Hello Friends,

Today We are Going to Be Your Assistant To Help You Reset Netgear router To Default Settings. Having a Problem With Any Wireless Router is Common And We Understand That.

It Was the Inspiration That’s Why We Came Up With a Solution to Fix Almost Every Common Problem With Netgear Router. Let’s Get to This Issue First And Understand The Real Problem With Your Netgear Router.

Don’t Worry We Will Be Also Guiding You to set up Netgear Router After Reset.

Problem with Netgear Router?

Folks, We Know that a wifi Router Can be Tricky And a Headache Sometimes, And If You Have Already Spend Lot of Time Trying to Fix It With No Success Then You Must Be Getting Feeling Throw It Out Windows Or May Be Thinking To Get a New Router.

Wait Wait Don’t Just Throw It Yet Without Giving One Last Shot To Our Methods.

Word Of Advice – Resetting The Wireless Router Has to Be The Last Option And Do Not OverReset Any Wireless Router It May Cause Hardware Failure in your Router. there are ways to solve the issue when the Netgear router is not working.

If you Resetting it Only Because It’s Not Working Then Give it the Last Try Before We Help You Reset Netgear to Its Default Settings.

Perform a Power Cycle And See if That Works Then You Won’t Have to Reset Your Router. For Any Other Problem. router common problems can be fixed using various troubleshooting methods

Friends, There are Mostly Two Methods You Can Be Used to Reset Your Wireless Router.

  1. Soft Reset Using Router Dashboard
  2. Hard Reset Using The Reset Key

Now Follow The Steps One By One

Soft Reset Netgear Router Dashboard

Question– Why Should I Try Soft Reset First When I Can Do Hard Reset In First Place?
Answer– Dear Friends There Are High Chances of Your Router Getting Hardware Failure By Doing a Hard Reset.

  • Please Connect Your Router to Your Computer Using Ethernet Cable Known As Internet Cable.
netgear router ip address
  • Open Your Browser And Type The Default Ip Address Of Netgear Router. Default Address is Mostly Or Then Press Enter.
  • You Can Also Use to Login the wifi Router. For more information About Accessing,
  • Netgear Console Is Here Please understand Netgear router login information is important for any changes using the router GUI.
  • Once You Have Successfully Login To Your Router Please Go To Maintenance and Then Backup Settings
  • Now Erase All Backup Settings And That Will Reset Netgear Router to Default Settings.
Reset netgear router
  • Once Reset Please Reboot Your Router Using The Netgear Dashboard.
  • Login to Your Netgear Router Go to Maintenance And Click Diagnostics Now Click On Reboot
reboot the netgear router
  • Let Your Netgear Router Robot For 2 Minutes. if Possible Reboot Your Internet Modem Also.
  • Congrats Your wifi Router Has Been Reset Please Setup Netgear Router to Your Modem.
  • Now If This Reset Won’t Work Let’s Try Doing The Hard Reset.

Hard Reset Using The Reset Key

  • Plug Your wifi Router into Power Outlet And Turn It On.
  • Look for Reset Key at The Bottom Of Your wifi router.
  • Take a Paper Clip OR a Pen With Tiny Tip Press The Reset Key And Hold It For the Next 45 Seconds Than Let it Go
  • Restart Your Router And Restart Your Internet Modem Also Then Wait For 1 Min.
hard reset netgear router

Now You Can Re-Install Your Netgear Router As Your New Wireless Router With Your Existence Modem.
Life Is Full Of Surprises And It all Become More Real When You Can’t See The Reset Key At The Back Or Bottom of Your Wireless Router.

There are a Few Series Of Netgear Router That Don’t Come With a Reset Key. For Example DGN2000 or DG834Gv5 Models Of Netgear. Don’t Worry They Just Don’t Have the Reset Key But They have the Reset Feature. It’s Just a Bit Different Than Traditional Router.

Reset Netgear Router using WPS Key

Reset netgear Wps Key
  • Press And Hold Both Keys At the Same Time For 6-10 Seconds And When You See Your Power Light Blinking Red Let it Go.
  • Reboot Your Router And Give it a Minute
  • This Should Reset Your Wireless To Default Factory Settings.
  • See if all these Steps Helps You To Reset the Router.

For Any Other Help with Netgear Router Please Comment Below And Let us Know. We Thank You For Reading At
Good Luck

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