asus router login page

How to access asus router login page

Hi there, this is the detailed guide on How to find asus router login page and how to access it using the default details. in this same, you can also find out what to do when your fail to login Asus router using default methods.

Let’s understand a few details so you don’t have any confusion with the Asus router login process.

what is Asus router IP address?

Most of the default Asus router IP is However in a few cases we have observed routers to have other IP addresses as default IP. you can also try as the default IP address.

web address asus router login

to make things Simple Asus has provided you with easy to access the web address however many users do mistake by mistyping it to asus.router.login or router.asus.login

in any case, the IP address should work and if not please use the web URL given above to access Asus router login page. apart from the Asus router IP address, you would also require the username and password to access the router user interface.

Asus router default username and password

here are a few possible combinations for default usernames and passwords.

admin(Leave it blank)
Leave it Blankadmin

now that you have all the information required please follow the steps given below for easy asus router login. you can use the computer or any smartphone, or tablet with a full browser to access the Asus router page.

Asus Router login page

to open the Asus router login page you must be connected to asus router using a cable or wireless connection. Regardless of whether you are getting the internet or not as long as you have the connection with the router you can access the router console.

  • open the web browser and type or at the top of your browser.
asus router login page
  • once you see the asus router login page, please insert the username and password in the required box.
  • please submit the information and log in to the router console.
what settings i can change with asus router console

once logged in you can change SSID, Wifi password, Security types, and any other settings related to the router. you can also reset the router, change channels and perform the setup of the router from start.

What to do if i fail to login asus router

you can try few things such as –

How do you Reset the asus router
  • plug the Asus router to the power outlet and restart the router
  • take a paper clip or pen and locate the reset key at the back of the asus router
Asus Router Reset 1
  • make sure the router is powered on during the reset
  • carefully press and hold the reset key for 15-20 seconds
  • when all lights on the router start flashing let the reset key go and wait for a minute then restart the router

after reset you can reconfigure and install the asus router as it will be back on default factory settings.

Why not working

it’s quite possible that you have mistyped it or your device on which you are trying to access the Asus router is not connected to the Asus router. is a local web address that will only work once you are connected to the Asus router.

we hope all of the information provided above would help you access asus router login page, do comment and let us know if you need any more help with your asus router.

Good luck

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