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How to set up a Belkin n600 range extender?

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Today we help you with a specific Belkin router model installation. Belkin Extender n Series is one of the top-notch range extenders to date and users can use this same method to set any model of Belkin extender.

Prepare for the Belkin range extender

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  • Foremost, you should use the power outlet, which is positioned around the network area of the wireless router. Now, take your extender and plug the extender into the power outlet. Do not forget to turn the extender “ON.”
  • Now, it is the time when you need to use your PC, laptop, or your smartphone though. Ensure the device has an internet connection. After that, switch on the laptop and click on the WiFi icon to connect your laptop with the Belkin n600 range extender. You will be seeing “Belkin. setup” mentioned connected with that.
  • Now open the website http://belkin.range. The instructions will be given on the screen, which you need to follow up on. To reach directly on the setup page of Belkin n600 Range Extender, just type on the search bar. This code will open the setup page immediately and search for the SSID.
  • This is how; you can connect to the WiFi network. Now, enter the network password and wait a while. The router will cross-check the network’s credentials. Here, you will be receiving a new web page, which is going to configure the network name. Do not forget to click on the “Continue” button.
  • Click on “Next” later on, and here pop-up will come on Windows, which is the sign that your extender is configured.
  • Here your extender is ready and it will keep all the information safe and secure to use the extender.

In Case, the wireless connection will not work for setting up the Belkin n600 Range Extender, then you can use the Ethernet cable to connect the extender to the computer. The Ethernet cable will be configured and is a reliable way to connect it to the computer.

Belkin n600 Setup via wired connection:

  • Keep the Belkin n600 Range Extender near the network router. Now, plug one end of the wire into the Belkin Range Extender and one end into the power outlet. Switch on the button, and wait for a while to boot the router completely.
  • The computer must be connected with the WiFi and not with the Ethernet cable.
  • Use the network cable or LAN to connect the Belkin n600 Range Extender to a computer. You need to know one thing, the network and Ethernet cable do not come with the extender, so you can use the LAN ports for the connection. The LAN port is available on the extender.

In case this strategy does not work, then you can use different other steps as well; which are:

Foremost, wait for some while. Switch on the computer and attach your Ethernet cable with the Belkin Range Extender and the Computer. Just launch the web browser and allow the PC to take some time so that it will work properly. Let the web browser recognize the Ethernet LAN. Ensure
you do this before starting the usage.

The Ethernet cable must be connected with the extender and computer. The LEDs on the extender will lighten up. If in case, the Ethernet light will not light up, then you should disconnect the cable from the extender and PC. After plugging off, just wait for a while and then plug it back to the power outlet.

Now time to re-launch your web browser again. Open the browser after re-launching and it will show the setup page of Belkin Range Extender. Open the official website of Belkin Range. Follow the instructions given on the screen.

Click on “YES” on the display screen, and get the SSID of your nearby router area. Just connect the computer and extender. A new webpage will appear, on which you need to press “Continue” to proceed with the further process.

When the extender will configure appropriately with the PC, it will show you message on the screen for the successful configuration.

Final Words:

How now you learned how to set up the Belkin n600 Range Extender. In case, you set up the extender via a wireless connection, and you want to change it wired one; then one has to reset the Belkin n600 Range Extender.

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